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CUREE Education and Outreach Services : Educational Models and Displays

CUREE has designed and built Education and Outreach displays for use in public exhibits that demonstrate earthquake engineering history and/or capabilities that enhance proposals and projects. These exhibits creatively fulfill the requirement of funding sources to make research results available to the general public, whether an interactive model or a dramatic visual display.

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• Earthquake Shake Table
Shown below are two metal-clad building models that respond to user-controlled variation of the frequency of the shake table motions, with real-time acceleration graphing that illustrates the varying dynamic response (the severity of shaking) of the buildings.

[ click for shake table model detail ]
[ video of shake table model ]
[ accelerogram computer display ]

• Fully Restored Seismograph
Seismograph that was used at Caltech for 30 years restored to working order. Framed is a seismogram that Professor George Housner annotated to note P and S wave arrivals, maximum amplitude, and local (Richter) magnitude.

As with all exhibit items, steel cabinetry is customized, as well as the plaque which provides historical and explanatory information.

[ seismograph display ]

[ close-up of display plaque ]

• Hands-On Interactive Models
Designed for the K-12 age group, these interactive small wood models allow visitors to create their own earthquakes (by literally shaking the models) and seeing how the structures react to vibrations with and without various types of bracing.

[ apartment with tuck-under parking with bracing ]
[ hillside model with bracing ]

• Miniatures

CUREE has produced various detailed models displayed at exhibits for Riverside County and the City of San Francisco. These educational exhibits provide a close-up view of building structures. The model of a post-earthquake damaged apartment complex in Northridge was created from photographs from actual buildings.

[ apartment with tuck-under parking with bracing ]

[ miniature model of collapsed Northridge apartments ]

• Full-scale Models

[ woodframe wall with sheathing ]

[ full-scale model of a cripple wall ]

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