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CUREE Education and Outreach Services

CUREE has developed significant Education and Outreach capabilities on a wide range of projects and ongoing organizational activities. To further develop those resources and to enhance other organizations’ proposals and projects, CUREE is now available as an education and outreach (E&O) subcontractor/subawardee.

Major grantors such as the National Science Foundation expect professional quality E&O components to be an integral part of research projects. E&O typically accounts for up to 20% of a total research initiative budget. The goal of E&O is to involve and inform individuals by reaching out beyond formal (“classroom”) graduate-school education and may include many activities, such as those described below.

Proposal Preparation
E&O planning begins before reviewers see your full proposal. Particularly important are new partnerships, especially those that enhance diversity efforts or benefit underserved groups. When a concise briefing on the entire project is conducted, grantors expect to be informed of a well-developed E&O plan that includes expected outcomes and evidence (formative and summative evaluation). CUREE will help you by providing expertise in careful editing, formatting, and pre-submittal internal reviewing, for all types of proposals (where CUREE is either prime submitter or subawardee).

To learn more about how CUREE can help you attract funding with successful E&O proposal components, contact us at

Meetings & Workshops
Includes seminars for practicing engineers, workshops, and event planning
for conferences & symposia.

• meeting announcements and publicity
• registration (onsite and online)
• interactive polling and community assessment
• meeting preparation and coordination of meeting materials
• proceedings publications, handouts, and signage
• onsite meeting and a/v support

Some events include the 1st and 2nd Annual Meetings of the NEES Consortium, as well as, symposia in honor of Wilfred Iwan, and Ray Clough and Joseph Penzien

Media Relations
Includes collaboration with public affairs offices to conduct media events, attract news media reporters and writers, issue media releases and statements, conduct media workshops. We offer experience in assisting with TV and video production, including identifying producers, reviewing co-production agreements, copyright issues, budgets, and schedules, and experts to review scientific and engineering content.

• Example of Posters and Handouts: 1 | 2
Media Event at UCSD Shake Table Demonstration

Graphic Design
Media Production and Graphic Design (for both web and print)

newsletters (incl. e-newsletters): [CUREENews] | [Woodframe Project]
• posters [Woodframe Project | 20th Century Earthquake Eng| Iwan Symposium]
• printed report publishing and formatting

Displays and Interactive Exhibits
Customized exhibits for education and public outreach that demonstrate engineering principles.

• Educational Models and Displays (miniature and full-scale)
• ShakeZone Exhibit
Earthquake Engineering Exhibit
E-Defense Shake Table Traveling Exhibit

Website Services
Interactive Website Services, Forms, and Database Management

CUREE website
SAC Steel Project Website
Earthquake Architecture Forum
Woodshear Timber Online Education Modules

Video Production
Video Production with A/V editing and pre-/post-production

Multimedia Presentation: "What's NEES?"
Shake Table Testing videos
• Interviews and Education Demonstrations
3D animation and design

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