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The isolated "Dome Building" of the Emergency Management Centre in Foligno, Italy designed by Alberto Parducci (University of Perugia) & Guido Tommesani (Regione Umbria) - Marco Mezzi et al.

Design Competitions

Recent or planned competitions.

Design for Post-Earthquake Resilience of Cities:
Multidisciplinary Design Ideas Competition

This competition seeks proposals to increase the resilence of cities and communities affected by earthquakes and tsunamis, with a focus on aiding recovery and social regeneration to affected areas.

Entrants are encouraged to choose a city or community familiar to them, anywhere on the Pacific Rim, and to design a proposal that utilises preplanning and/or post-disaster response and reconstruction methodologies to reduce the long term impact of an earthquake event on the built environment and social fabric. Entries will respond to the specific earthquake hazards and vulnerabilities that the chosen area faces.

The competition is open to all design disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning; and all associated engineering and sociological disciplines. Multidisciplinary entries are welcome, and international entries are encouraged.

Full brief and online registration:

PEER Seismic Design Competition
organized by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center (PEER) and the PEER Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The objective of this Seismic Design Competition is to provide Civil and Structural Engineering students an opportunity to do hands on project and gain practical experience by designing and fabricating a cost effective frame structure, which will withstand sever earthquake simulation.

Earthquake Engineering: Learning with LEGO

organized by the UC Irvine - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCI Center for Educational Partnerships and UCI FOCUS!

The Earthquake Engineering: Learning with LEGOs event involves more than 700 middle and high school students, vying to build LEGO structures able to withstand the simulated ground motion of a major earthquake.

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