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Design proposal that expresses earthquake damage and subsequent repair to a building form
- Luke Allen, Victoria University of Wellington
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Seismic Design Course for Architects
An all-day course for architects will be given at Stanford University, organized by the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

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Some individuals have expressed interest in organizing a theme session ar one or more upcoming conferences.

Architecture and Earthquake Engineering
Special Session at the 14WCEE

A session devoted to Architecture and Earthquake Engineering at the 14WCEE (14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering), was held in October, 2008. The deadline for abstracts was October 1, 2007.

Information about the conference and instructions for how to submit abstracts is available at:

Professor Andrew Charleson convened the session, and an email message of his was sent to everyone on the Earthquake Architecture directory. He noted that: "The title of the theme session has deliberately been kept very broad so as to include any papers relating to some aspect of architecture and earthquake engineering. I already am aware of a few colleagues who will be submitting papers, but I invite you to join us to move forward research and practice at the intersection of the two disciplines."

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