Earthquake Architecture
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Zelver House Project, Santa Cruz,
California - Chris Arnold, Architect

Suggested Initiatives

Suggestion for Initiative: More Applied Info. on Earthquake Architecture should be published.

- Sunil Toye (posted 09.27.07)

Suggestion for Initiative:
Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction in Historical minuments and sites.

- Djillali Benouar (posted 08.08.07)

Suggestion for Initiative: Study of the systems of construction in the traditional Ahmedabad houses: query in earthquake resistance. Aim: To study traditional construction of Ahmedabad in order to establish capability of structures to resist earthquakes. [read more]

- Akbar Nazim (posted 03.21.06)

Suggestion for Initiative:
Sustainability in Earthquake Architecture & Urban Design

- Fodil Fadli (posted 03.21.06)

Suggestion for Initiative:
New seismic damage prevention technologies.

- Edward Coumou (posted 02.07.06)

Suggestion for Initiative:
I am working on alterate technologies (includind low cost solutions) for strengthening/retrofitting of various structure.

- Nirmita Mehrotra (posted 07.01.05)

Suggestion for Initiative: We have completed a 50,000 sq.m base isolated hospital building at bhuj in gujarat. In appreciation we received the Indian Buildings Congress Award for outstanding Architecture. I wish to contribute in any way I can to make structures safer in disaster affected areas.

- Uday Pattanyak (posted 06.01.05)

Suggestion for Initiative: Consideration for construction practicality is another element that need to be considered in research

- James Lai (posted 06.01.05)

Suggestion for Initiative:
We currently work on the practical abstract of EC8 that is adjusted for the needs of architect. The recent paper will be submited on the web site shortly.

- Vojko Kilar (posted 08.26.04)

Suggestion for Initiative:
contributing towards a design competition brief / organization of competition

- Luke Allen (posted 08.26.04)

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