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Conferences : Clough-Penzien Symposium
The UC Berkeley - CUREE Symposium in Honor of Ray Clough and Joseph Penzien
by Polat G

I come again upon the scene
To pay respects to Joe Penzien -
This job alone is not enough:
Greetings I offer to Ray Clough!!

Now competition will be tough
If to Penzien I add Ray Clough!!
Ray Clough is made of sterner stuff
He flinches not when things get rough

I know we're all now old and gray
And may not have too much to say
But I have lived in Berkeley
In what was called its Golden Day…

The Brown Bag Mafia was their name
But worldwide indeed was their fame
Olympus was the seventh floor
Not ev’ryone could pass that door

In California, Land of Quakes
A fort-like Davis Hall will stand
In Richmond still the table shakes -
We are but footprints in the sand.

But from this meeting ere we pass
It is not late to raise a glass
To stars like Ray Clough and Joe Penzien
A guiding light they both have been.

Clough coined The Finite Elements
But others earned dollars and cents
His students were his biggest prize
He would not have it otherwise

Let health and joy attend their years!!
May they more wisdom distribute
Let laughter take the place of tears
May they accept this glad tribute.

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