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Conferences : Strong-Motion Workshop

Strong-Motion Workshop

Background and Motivation

In 1978, NSF sponsored the International Workshop on Strong Motion Earthquake Instrument Arrays (Iwan, 1978). This workshop represented a watershed in the deployment of instruments to measure strong earthquake ground motions. The recommendations of this workshop have had far reaching consequences, guiding the installation of strong motion arrays in the United States, Taiwan, India, China, and Japan. Over the years of operation of these arrays, they have provided much urgently needed data that have greatly improved our understanding of strong earthquake ground motion and the effects of this motion on the built environment.

In 1981, NSF sponsored the US National Workshop on Strong-Motion Earthquake Instrumentation (Iwan, 1981). The purpose of this workshop was to review the status of strong motion instrumentation programs within the United States and develop a strategy to meet future national instrumentation needs. For many years, the proceedings of this workshop served as a reference for the deployment of arrays and other strong motion earthquake instrument installations.

These and other workshops sponsored by NSF and other agencies have been very successful in identifying needs and opportunities for strong motion earthquake instrumentation and in proposing strategies to meet these needs. However, it is now time to take a fresh look at strong motion earthquake instrument deployment. Important new concerns have arisen regarding the nature of ground shaking relating to such issues as near-field effects, soil-structure interaction, and basin effects. Furthermore, new instrument technologies are providing new measurement options and opportunities. Also, recent establishment of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) and the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) Program will have a significant impact on the future of strong motion measurement.

For the reasons stated above, this an ideal time to reassess the status of strong motion instrumentation in the United States and develop a new strategy to insure continued coordinated progress in this field. Especially important at this juncture is that an assessment be made of the future role of NSF earthquake engineering programs in support of strong motion instrumentation research.

Purpose of the Workshop

The purpose of the proposed Workshop is to review the existing database of strong motion records, identify gaps that may exist in this data, determine and prioritize the needs for additional data, and make recommendations regarding the future role of the NSF in strong motion research.

The primary focus of this Workshop will be on the engineering uses of strong motion data including local site effects.

Planning and Steering Committee

Those responsible for the planning and oversight of this workshop include:

    Wilfred Iwan (Chair) - California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
    Craig Comartin - CDComartin, Inc.
    C. B. Crouse - URS Corporation
    Greg Fenves - University of California, Berkeley
    Keith Porter (Secretary) - Caltech
    Bob Reitherman - CUREE

These individuals have been selected based on their involvement and knowledge in the field of strong motion instrumentation and applications, and their commitment to the goals of the Workshop.

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Strong-Motion Workshop Proceedings PDF 2 MB


If you have questions regarding the Strong-motion Workshop, please contact curee [at]

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