The Organization : Board of Directors

By vote of the CUREE membership, eight Directors will be from the pool of Representatives of the University Members of CUREE, and will serve two-year terms. The remaining two Directors are practicing engineers elected by the Board.

M. Garlock
Maria Garlock, President
Princeton University

Term ending: 12/31/15
A. Matamoros
Adolfo Matamoros
University of Kansas

Term ending: 12/31/14
B. Holmes William T. Holmes, Secretary
Rutherford & Chekene

Term ending: 12/31/14
J. Ricles James Ricles
Lehigh University

Term ending: 12/31/14
T. Hutchinson
Tara Hutchinson,
UC San Diego

Term ending: 12/31/15
R. Pak
Ronald Y.S. Pak
University of Colorado, Boulder

Term ending: 12/31/15
J. Isenberg Jeremy Isenberg

Term ending: 12/31/14
D. Sanders David Sanders, Treasurer
U. of Nevada, Reno

Term ending: 12/31/14
W. Iwan Wilfred Iwan,

Term ending: 12/31/15
M. Symans Michael Symans
Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.

Term ending: 12/31/14

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