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CUREE is a non-profit organization established for the purposes of representing the interests and capabilities of engineering faculty members and relevant programs in developing research projects that mobilize these capabilities in the effort to solve significant earthquake problems. Education within academia and education of the public about civil engineering are also within the organization's scope.


Annual dues for both University Members and Individual Members were waived for 2012, with 2013 annual dues under review.

Benefits of university membership include the following:

  • No Individual Faculty Dues: Faculty members at an Admitted University member of CUREE pay no dues.

  • Core Involvement in Research Projects: The member universities, as the core of support for the organization, will tend to have larger roles in research projects, though this may vary according to the project and the desirability of collaborating with outside organizations.

  • Voice on the Board: There are ten directors, which make up the CUREE Board of Directors. The board is comprised of eight elected University Representatives, selected from the pool of representatives of the member universities, and two Practioner Directors appointed by the Board. University Representative board members serve a two-year term on the Board by a vote of the individual members. The representative of a university member is named by that university’s dean of the School of Engineering, which helps maintain a strong connection to CUREE’s institutional base.

  • Student Stipends and Other Membership Benefits: In the past, CUREE has sent students from member universities to a major research conference, such as the 15WCEE in Portugal.

  • Information dissemination: CUREE works with each Member University to prepare information on the university’s curricular and research qualifications. This information is disseminated by CUREE via its website and printed materials such as the CUREE calendar.

Categories of Membership:

Admitted University Member
This category of membership is intended for research universities in the United States of America, which have demonstrated interest and a strong research and education program in Earthquake Engineering. A “research university” is an university with a Ph.D. program in earthquake-related fields. This category is typically appropriate for universities that have several faculty members who will qualify as Individual Faculty members.


  • Designate a CUREE University Representative and Provide Self-description
    Each University Member has a Representative designated by the dean of the school of engineering, or the person occupying the most similar position. The application should include a cover letter or letters signed by these two individuals, along with a description of the earthquake engineering educational and research accomplishments and capabilities of the university.

  • Individual Faculty at Admitted University (part of university application)
    The initial University Member application should include a list of potential applicants whom are interested and qualified in Individual Faculty membership. Applications for Individual Faculty members at the university applying for membership should be submitted at the same time as the University Member application. (Subsequent to the admission of a university, additional applications for Individual Faculty memberships may be made at any time.) Individual Faculty Member applications should include their contact information and a two-page curriculum vitae for each candidate. If an individual’s significant accomplishments and interests are not fully reflected on the c.v., the letter may include additional brief description.

  • Annual Dues (none collected in 2012) and Application Fee
    Annual dues for University Members (in years when dues are collected) are currently $200 per University plus $50 per Individual Member of that University. An annual dues cap is set at $1,500. The annual dues for applicant Universities are reduced on a pro-rata, calendar year basis in the first year of membership according to the month of admission. Dues are invoiced after admission. There is a one-time $1,500 admission fee. A check for the admission fee made out to CUREE must accompany the University Member application. If an application is not accepted, this admission fee is fully refunded. The admission fee may also be paid by credit card by calling CUREE at 510-665-3529.

  • Application checklist: (1) cover letter(s) by Dean and Representative; (2) description of university accomplishments and capabilities; (3) check to CUREE (or Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering) for $1,500. Applications may be either mailed to CUREE, 1301 S. 46th Street, Bldg. 420, Richmond, CA 94804-4600, or emailed to Reed Helgens, CUREE Associate Executive Director, at

Individual Faculty at an Admitted University
This application is made for faculty members at a university that has already been admitted as a University Member (an “Admitted University” as defined in the Bylaws) or at a university that is applying at the same time to be a University Member. For concurrent applications, the individual faculty applications and university application should be submitted as one package.

  • Eligible Faculty
    Faculty is defined as a person who is authorized by his or her university to submit proposals as a Principal Investigator, and the other criteria are “demonstrated strong interest, capability, and participation in Earthquake Engineering.” In general, the Board of Directors intends the category of Individual Faculty at an Admitted University to be appropriate for faculty who has engaged in teaching and/or research with published results in the earthquake subject area in the civil engineering field. Faculty in other departments who have engineering-related experience in the earthquake field may also meet the criteria for Individual Faculty at an Admitted University.

  • Dues for Individual Faculty Member
    At present, the Board’s policy is not to levy any dues for this category of individual membership, although individual faculty member billing may be arranged upon request if dividing the University dues is so desired (in years when dues are collected).

  • Application for Individual Faculty Member of Admitted University
    An application may be submitted by the University Representative in writing or by email. Beside a request to put forth Faculty for membership in CUREE, the message should contain (1) the name and contact information of the Faculty member(s) to be considered and (2) a two-page curriculum vitae for each candidate. If an individual’s significant accomplishments and interests are not fully reflected on the c.v., the letter or email may include additional brief description.

  • Application checklist: (1) cover letter or email from University Representative providing names and contact information for each candidate, requesting they be considered for membership in CUREE, (2) two-page cv for each candidate. Applications may be either mailed to CUREE, 1301 S. 46th Street, Bldg. 420, Richmond, CA 94804-4600, or emailed to Reed Helgens, CUREE Associate Executive Director, at

All applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors, who have the sole discretion of approval. The full text of the Bylaws is posted on CUREE’s website or will be mailed upon request.

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