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Bob Reitherman
Executive Director

tel.: (510) 665-3529

reitherman [at]

[Reitherman CV]

Reed Helgens
Associate Executive Director

tel.: (510) 665-3469

helgens [at]

Darryl Wong
Multimedia Manager

tel.: (510) 665-3543

wong [at]

John-Michael Wong
Computer Technician

jmwong [at]

Deborah Walter

tel.: (510) 665-3584

accounting [at]


Mailing Address * CUREE
1301 S. 46th Street - Bldg. 420
Richmond, CA 94804-4600
Telephone (Main Office) (510) 665-3529
Fax Number (510) 665-3622
E-mail Address curee [at]

* NOTE: To ensure proper mail delivery, all correspondence should match the mailing address (including building number).

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