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Education and Outreach: CUREE Gallery
CUREE Exhibit Development

Photos by D. Wong (CUREE)

Traveling Exhibition: NSF-CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation Conference (Honolulu, Hawaii) -
At the 2009 NSF-CMMI Conference, CUREE was one of the exhibitors providing demonstrations on seismic response in structures to the locol school children, ages Kindergarten to high school. This traveling exhibition featured many interactive exhibits that were developed and constructed by CUREE, helped to demonstrate the effect of the frequency of the shaking and of the structures.

Completed exhibition area, arranged in two tiers to maximize space and to invite visitors to come inside to check out the various exhibits set up by the onsite CUREE technical staff.

Another view of the completed exhibition area showing some of the handout items (see below) and a looping slideshow being played in the background.

CUREE staff interacting with some engineering students during the open conference exhibit hours.

A young visitor stops to take a photo of the E-Defense shake table model display.

The exhibit attracts visitors of all ages, here Prof. Ian Buckle and Prof. Bruce Kutter examine the various shake table models.

Close-up of the portable shake table models with test objects of variable mass

Some students are given a brief tour of the exhibits.

CUREE staff provide demonstations to some engineering students.

A group of young visitors, sitting down and enjoying the show.

CUREE produced these posters for this event to highlight some of the various large-scale (shake table) NEES Testing Facilities

NEES Booklet, produced by CUREE for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) - this commemorative booklet, which highlight the various components of the NEES program, was given out to meeting participants at the 2009 NSF-CMMI Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What is a degree of freedom [handout #1] produced by CUREE, to accompany the traveling E-Defense motorized shake table model, this 2-page handout talks about the actual NIED E-Defense Shake Table Facility, the largest in the world. And describes what is meant by this shake table having 6-degrees of motion.

Shake Table [handout #2] produced by CUREE, especially for this traveling mini shake table exhibit, this 2-page handout helps to explain how some of the sample structures move depending on the bracing, as well as the frequency of motion, and compares them to actual buildings damaged from earthquakes.

Handout materials including those shown above, were also produced by CUREE especially for this event.

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