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Education and Outreach
CUREE Education and Outreach (E&O)
CUREE has developed significant Education and Outreach capabilities on a wide range of projects and ongoing organizational activities to further develop those resources and to enhance other organizations proposals and projects.

To inquire about any services provided by CUREE, please contact us at | (510) 665-3529.

All works designed by D. B. Wong for CUREE (*unless otherwised indicated).

Digital and Print Media - Editing and Development

CUREE has provided complete editing and publishing services on a number of projects, The work includes writing and editing; producing drawings and illustrations; image restoration; obtaining copyright releases; compiling edits from reviewers; and production of high-quality PDF and print publications.

CUREE Calendar Archive

Past CUREE calendars including many photos, essays by R. Reitherman on topics ranging from the history of earthquake engineering, infrastructure, earthquake architecture, earthquake myths and legends, and [more]

The 2008 Calendar "Seismic Philately" won 2nd prize in the EERI Graphics Competition.

Proceedings for the Creative Art of Structural and Civil Engineering

This booklet was produced for the National Science Foundation, in partnership with Princeton University, the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and Virginia Tech; and designed to help promote this new engineering-based course on the "Creative Art of Structural and Civil Engineering" and examine the active learning methodologies presented at this first workshop.

[View booklet]

Building Bridges Between Civil Engineers and Science Museums [Monograph]

Written by Robert Reitherman, Prof. Thalia Anagnos, and Wendy Meluch, this report examines the science museum/science center community and the civil engineering community inan effort to enhance the way the public learns about civil engineering, a field that deals with what the public is immersed in every day--buildings, bridges, utility systems, and the other works that civil engineers create.

[Read more about this project]

Golden Gate Bridge As A Public Learning Resource

This booklet talks about the Golden Gate Outdoor Exhibition and how it is utilizing the outdoor public setting, as well as the Bridge itself, as tools for teaching visitors about various STEM concepts. Many of the on site exhibits are highlighted here.

[Read more about this project] | [Download booklet]

Large-Scale Works

Gallery of various posters, banners, and other large-scale print works designed by CUREE for projects and other events.

Publishing and other Digital Pre-press

Gallery of smaller-scale (desktop) publishing and other digital pre-press work. Includes many examples of designs done by CUREE (including advertisement, flyers and handouts, logo design, and other promotional and educational materials).

NEES: Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

Produced by CUREE for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) - this commemorative booklet, which highlight the various components of the NEES program, was given out to meeting participants at the 2009 NSF-CMMI Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

NEES: Education, Outreach, and Training - Strategic Plan

Produced by CUREE for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) - this illustrated booklet developed by Thalia Anagnos, Dante Fratta, LaDawn Haws, Flora McMartin, Christine Morrow, and John Taber (with contributions by Mark Benthien and Sara Wadia-Fascetti) outlines the strategic Education, Outreach and Training plan and presents many real-world scenarios on how this plan can be implemented.

NIST Technical Brief Series

Produced by CUREE, in partnership with ATC for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), this popular series of technical guides offer full color, highly illustrated mini-reports on various cutting edge topics in the area of earthquake and civil engineering.

This series is also available through NIST at:

Connections: EERI Oral History Series

Produced by EERI, this ongoing series features interviews conducted by Bob Reitherman (CUREE) with many significant figures in the Earthquake Engineering community and examines their lives and contributions to the field. Some recent editions featured: Bruce Bolt, Jpseph Penzien, Tom Paulay and Robert Park.

This series is available through EERI at:

The IAEE at Fifty

Written by Bob Reitherman and Polat Gülken (President of the IAEE), this special commemorative hardcover book was produced by CUREE, provides a brief history on the International Association for Earthquake Engineering, and was given out at the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineer (15WCEE) in Lisbon, Portugal.

Publications Clearinghouse

Report publications from past CUREE projects available for download.

Exhibit Development

CUREE has developed engineering exhibits for private businesses, public agencies, and university clients. They have ranged from murals and exhibit displays to physical interactive models. This includes creative development of exhibit preliminary designs, testing and evaluation of mock-up prototypes, refinement of design, fabrication, and installation.

Golden Gate Bridge model

Public Exhibition: Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition

Funded by NSF and produced by CUREE in partnership with the San Francisco Highway and Transportation District. This public exhibit, currently on display at the south end of the Bridge (near the visitor center), utilizes one of the country's greatest public works projects as a means of teaching elements of STEM learning (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as well as the history of the construction of this beloved landmark.

[Read more about this exhibit] | [online exhibit]

E-Defense Shaketable Model

Traveling Exhibit: The World's Largest Shake Table

Currently on display at the Engineering Library at the University of Nevada, Reno - this high quality, miniature model of the NIED E-Defense Shake Table located in Miki City, Japan is fully motorized and allows visitors to examine in slow motion, how the actuators move the platform, both horizontally and vertically.

[Read more about this exhibit]

SF Engineering Exhibit opening night

Public Exhibition: Earthquake Engineering

Public exhibition held on Market St., produced by CUREE in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. This exhibit included many displays showing how engineering is used in seismic design and retrofit, as well as featuring an authentic earthquake shelter used after that disasterous earthquake.

[Read more about this event]

SF Engineering Exhibit opening night

Traveling Exhibition: Earthquake Engineering at CMMI

At the 2009 NSF CMMI Engineering Research and Innovation conference, CUREE was one of the exhibitors providing demonstrations on seismic response in structures to the local school children, ages kindergarten to high school. Many of the exhibits were developed and constructed by CUREE.

Kids with ShakeZone models

Public Exhibition: Kidzone (ShakeZone)

As part of the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project, this hands-on exhibit was developed at the Kidzone Science Museum to give children of all ages: hands-on, interactive exhibits to learn about earthquakes, wooden structures and retrofit.

Demonstration of shaketable model

Customized Exhibits

CUREE has also produced many custom exhibits for private organizations, including historic book and media displays, working seismographs, an 80-ft timeline mural, and a working shake table, used to show the effects of

Video Production and Multimedia Support -

In addition to printed media, CUREE has established and maintained websites to meet project needs, as well as provided video services (from on-site filming, mixing and editing) and animation to help create more visually engaging content.

Structural Art: From Robert Maillart to Fazlur Khan

Edited, compiled and restored by D. B. Wong (CUREE) for Princeton University - This special lecture was presented by Professor David P. Billington at the Workshop on Advancing the Dissemination of the Creative Art of Structural and Civil Engineering at Princeton University on June 4, 2015.

Total time: 17:29 - [ Part 1: Bridges ] | [ Part 2: Buildings ]

Project Video: SPIN

Produced by CUREE for the NSF funded project NEES Cityblock: Soil-structure Interaction on the scale of a city block (seismic performance assessment in dense urban environments) -- This 5-part video gives an overview of the project and features many interviews with project participants (incl. Professors Jonathan Bray, Tara Hutchinson, and Bruce Kutter) as well as with both graduate and undergraduate students who worked on this project.

Total time: 17:37

Project Video: NEES Nonstructural

Produced by CUREE for the NSF funded project NEES Nonstructural: Simulation of the Seismic Performance of Nonstructural Systems -- This 5-part video gives an overview of the project and features many interviews with project participants (incl. Professors Manos Maragakis, Andre Filiatrault, and Tara Hutchinson) as well as with several students who worked on this project.

Total time: 17:35

What is an Earthquake Engineer (and How Do I Become One)?

a brief overview about what it means to be an "Earthquake Engineer."

Includes brief interviews with Professor Ian Buckle, Gregg Brandow, Mel Green, and Chris Poland; with helpful recommendations for those considering a career in this field.

Instructional Video: Structural Response to Ground Motion

Produced by CUREE, Bill Holmes, S.E. (Rutherford and Chekene) demonstrates the concept of Structural Response to Ground Motion using a simplied shake table and wooden blocks.

Total Time: 3:34

Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition

This video gives a short history of the Golden Gate Outdoor Exhibition located at the South end of the Bridge and highlights some of the STEM-related exhibits currently on display. This exhibition, created by CUREE, in partnership with the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation district, was funded by the National Science Foundation (Informal Education Program). [Read more about this exhibition project]

Total time: 6:36 [audio muted]

Public Exhibition: Earthquake Engineering

Public exhibition held on Market St., produced by CUREE in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. [Read more about this event]

Total time: 2:11 [audio muted]

What's NEES?

(a.k.a. NEEShow) This video produced by CUREE for the NSF sponsored George E. Brown Jr., Network Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) program provides a detailed look into each of the components of the program, including a look at each of the original 14 NEES Equipment sites.

Total time: 6:14

The Index Building: 3D Earthquake Engineering Analysis and Visualization

This video produced for the NSF multimedia program, includes exerpts and interviews from the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project (including Professors Andre Filiatrault and Jill Andrews). 3D animation produced by Doron Serban.

Total time: 2:04

The Man Who Mapped the Shaking Earth

a fascinating hour long documentary video on the life of John Milne.

Conceived and narrated by Will Twycross; produced by Lavender Hill Multimedia (2013).

Conferences and Workshop - Event Planning and Support

From venue selection to post meeting wrap-up, CUREE staff handled all aspects of meeting planning from small workshops and large conferences with international guests. This included processing and confirming meeting registrations, providing speaker support in preparing presentations, arranging meals and room blocks, designing name tags and hand-out materials, A/V support, planning on-site support the day(s) of the event.

Symposia Honoring Significant Figures in the advancement of Earthquake Engineering

CUREE arranged and co-hosted many symposia honoring major figures in the field of Civil Engineering (Earthquake Engineering) including Professor George Housner, Dr. Takuji Kubori, Prof. Vitelmo Bertero, Prof. Ray Clough, Prof. Joseph Penzien, and Prof. Wilfred Iwan.

Golden Gate Bridge International Conference: Public Works for Public Learning

CUREE, in partnership with the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District and the American Public Works Association, hosted this unique event featuring many guest speakers from around the world to discuss how public works can be a valuable resource in educating the public about STEM while in an informal educational setting. Special keynote speaker for this event was Dr. G. Wayne Clough, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute.

NEES First and Second Annual Meetings

In addition to helping set-up the foundation for the NEES Consortium, CUREE also organized the first two annual meetings for NEES. The First Annual Meeting, held in Park City, Utah in 2003, included special commemorative polo shirts for all of the meeting participants and also featured Marta Macias Brown (wife of George E. Brown, Jr.) as a guest speaker.

The Second Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, CA and also featured a special luau reception and a guided tour of the UCSD Outdoor Shake Table Facility.

Invitational Workshop on Strong Motion

Sponsored by NSF, the purpose of this workshop was to review the existing database of strong motion records, identify gaps that may exist in this data, determine and prioritize the needs for additional data, and make recommendations regarding the future role of the NSF earthquake engineering programs in strong motion research.

In addition to project-specific workshops, CUREE has also provided onsite meeting and technical support for various other events including the 2005 and 2006 PEER Annual Meetings (and Walnut Creek, CA and San Francisco, CA), the NEES Third Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN) and the NEES World Forum (San Bruno, CA).

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