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CUREE is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of earthquake engineering research, education and implementation.

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Education and Outreach
CUREE Education and Outreach (E&O)
CUREE has developed significant Education and Outreach capabilities on a wide range of projects and ongoing organizational activities. To further develop those resources and to enhance other organizations’ proposals and projects, CUREE is now available as an education and outreach (E&O) subcontractor/subawardee. [read more]

CUREE Calendar Archive

Past CUREE calendars including many photos, essays by R. Reitherman on topics ranging from the history of earthquake engineering, infrastructure, earthquake architecture, earthquake myths and legends, and [more]

The Man Who Mapped the Shaking Earth [video]

a fascinating hour long documentary video on the life of John Milne.

Conceived and narrated by Will Twycross; produced by Lavender Hill Multimedia (2013).

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