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Education and Outreach: CUREE Gallery
CUREE Exhibit Development
Kids with ShakeZone modelsShakeZone (Riverside, California) -

This exhibit created by CUREE in partnership with the University of Southern California and the KidZone Science Museum in Riverside, California as part of the Education & Outreach effort of the CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project.

These large and small-scale exhibits helped to demonstrate to children of all ages about importance of bracing and retrofit of typical residential woodframe structures (e.g. houses, townhouses and apartment buildings) - which was evident in the damage from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake; which was the basis for much of this project research and many of the exhibits shown below.

While the KidZone Museum later relocated to Hemet, California, the ShakeZone exhibition remained open to the public until 2006.

Media event for the grand opening of the ShakeZone exhibit to the public.

Close-up of a simplified hillside woodframe model with removable cross bracing.

Structural collapse of woodframe model (without cross brace reinforcement).

Individual models could be tested by placing them on this manually driven mini shake table.

Another model is shown on the shake table platform; this time of a simplified 3-story woodframe apartment building with tuck-under parking

Close-up of the simplified 3-story woodframe apartment building with tuck-under parking showing the reinforced frane

Note: These simplified woodframe models shown above were later donated to the KidZone museum.

Other wooden miniatures showing different types of bracing were created and displayed.

This model shows a 3-story apartment building with tuck-under parking and no additional bracing

Close-up of reinforced bracing.

A detailed model of the Northridge Meadows Apartments damaged during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake was specially made for this exhibit.

One of the model artists at Graphic Blade Studios puts the finishing touches on this diorama.

This inset image shows a comparison of the level of detail of the model to the actual apartment damage.

Note: This detailed model of the collapsed Northridge Meadows Apartments is currently on display at the SF Dept. of Building Inspection.

[ShakeZone Brochure (front)]


[ShakeZone Brochure (reverse side)]

Note: Exhibit brochure handouts designed by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) - USC.

Download: [ShakeZone brochure] | see also:[Woodframe Project Newsletter]

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