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Projects : CUREE-Kajima Joint Research Program

About the program

The CUREE-Kajima Research Program was a joint venture with the Kajima Corporation of Japan involving collaborative studies among researchers in the US and Japan. The topies researched have spanned many areas, but the theme of inter-university collaboration, and in this case international collaboration, always remained the same.

The Kajima Corporation traces its origins back to 1840, after which it quickly grew to become an industry leader in the field of architectural-engineering-construction. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is a global operation. Through the efforts of CUREE members such as Wilfred Iwan of Caltech, the partnership of CUREE-Kajima was created, and for 20 years, CUREE was funded by Kajima to engage professors and graduate students, and manage research, in a variety of research areas. Many CUREE members were project subcontractors and/or members of the Oversight Committee, working with the highly respected Takuji Kobori, head of the Kobori Research Complex, Inc., until his passing in 2007.

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