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Projects : Golden Gate Bridge Exhibit : International Conference

Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition

Public Works for Public Learning:
An International Conference hosted by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
San Francisco, California, June 20-22, 2012


Open Meeting and Welcome -
John Eberle (GGBHTD)
Project Overview -
Denis Mulligan (GGBHTD)
If You Build It, They Will Come -
G. Wayne Clough (Smithsonian Institute)
Examples of large-scale projects using public works facilities as learning resources
Learning while visiting the Eiffel Tower -
Nicolas Lefebvre (Eiffel Tower)
Achieving A Balance - Determining What The Public Wants To Know -
William Schermerhorn (Hoover Dam - LCDO)
The Panama Canal Expansion Program and Visitors Centers -
Javier Pinzon Pascal (Panama Canal)
BridgeClimb - Exploring and Experiencing The Sydney Harbour Bridge -
John Bowe (Sydney Harbour Bridge)
The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition
Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition - Overview -
Bob Reitherman (CUREE)
The Pedagogical Value of Designing Exhibits -
Maria Garlock (Princeton University)
Designing the Large-scale Golden Gate Bridge Model -
Sylvester Black (Robert Silman Associates)
Public Works Concerns - APWA Panel Discussion
Developing Effective Public Works Exhibits -
Larry Lux (APWA)
Capitalizing on Public Works Facilities as Public Learning Resources -
Cora Jackson-Fossett (City of Los Angeles)
Developing Effective Public Works Exhibits - A Local Government Perspective -
David Lawry (Village of Wauconda)

Examples of Small-scale projects using public works facilities as learning resources
Waterworks at Arizona Falls - A Venue for Education -
Jim Duncan (Salt River Project, Arizona)
How to capitalize on public works facilities as learning resources
Public Education Takes Resources: How Do I Get Them? -
David Heil (David Heil & Associates)
Project and Exhibit Evaluation -
Becky Carroll (Inverness Research, Inc.) and Shannon Weiss (David Heil & Assoc.)
Research and Design, Establishing Partnerships
Public Software for Public Learning: The West Point Bridge Design Contest -
Col. Stephen Ressler (U.S. Military Academy at West Point)
Engineering The Golden Gate -
David Billington (Historian) and Sarah Billington (Stanford University)
Accessible Exhibition Design -
Beth Ziebarth (Smithsonian Institution)
Science Centers & Public Works: Emerging Partners in Education -
Charlie Trautmann (Sciencenter)
Creativity, Energy and Innovation: Undergraduates as Informal Science Educators - Ari Epstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

For more information about the inviduals speakers and about their presentations, please see the PWPL conference proceedings.

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