GGB Outdoor Exhibition Site

Exhibit Area 1
(Plaza area)
Welcome Sign [main directory]
How the Bridge Spans the Golden Gate
Bridge Aesthetics - Art Deco on a Grand Scale
Tall and Strong - The Bridge Towers
Steel, Fog, Salt, Rust, and Paint

Exhibit Area 2
(near flagpole)
How the Bridge Vibrates

Exhibit Area 3
(West side of Bridge near underpass)
Historic Preservation: Lattice Strut Retrofit
Historic Preservation: Isolator Seismic Retrofit

Exhibit Area 4
(inside Battery area)
History: Design and Construction of the Bridge
Suspension Cable Tension vs. Tower Height
Battery Lancaster - Defending the Golden Gate

Exhibit Area 5
(along bike path to lower parking lot)
Bridge Deck Aerodynamics
Bridge Deck Torsional Resistance Retrofit
Wind Speed and Wind Pressure

Exhibit Area 6
(near Pavillion)
LIFETILES: animated construction of the Bridge
Braille / Tactile Model of the Bridge

Project Partners

Golden Gate Bridge,
Highway and Transporation District


Consortium of Universities for Research
in Earthquake Engineering

Welcome to the Golden Gate Bridge Exhibition

These exhibits currently on display at the Golden Gate Bridge Visitor area near the South Tower, allow visitors the opportunity to learn more about the engineering and history of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District has proposed remodeling Battery Lancaster to be the permanent home of the Outdoor Exhibition on the engineering and history of the Bridge.

The Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE) is the project manager and lead designer of the Exhibition. The other exhibit designers are:

The Exploratorium

Eye Think, Inc

The Sciencenter

Princeton University

West Wind Laboratory

Site planning services were provided by EHDD Architecture, evaluation consultation by Inverness Research, Inc., and David Heil & Associates, with graphic design of the display panels by Hunt Design.

NSF This project was partially funded by the National Science Foundation, Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (award DRL-0840185), awarded to the Golden

Last updated: 11.16.12