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Projects : NEES Cityblock : Videos

Soil-Structure Interaction on the Scale of a City Block

Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments



SPIN video title slide

Five part video summation of the NEES Cityblock project (including interviews and other footage)

1. Introduction (1:19) - [mpeg] | [wmv]

2. What's geotechnical centrifuge earthquake engineering testing? (2:27) - [mpeg] | [wmv]

3. How have students been involved? (6:22) - [mpeg] | [wmv]

4. What have we learned? (5:11) - [mpeg] | [wmv]

5. Final thoughts (2:15) - [mpeg] | [wmv]

Total time: 17:37 min. 

Condensed version of the above presentation [mpeg] | [wmv]

Total time: 4:45 min.


NEES Cityblock montage

Music video montage of the centrifuge testing done at UC Davis (2009)

Description: Footage taken during the testing done at the NEES@UCDavis Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Facility on July 13th and August 14th, 2009.

Total time: 3:45 | [download] - approximate file size: 120 MB

Other video clips
P. Rojas in UCD lab

Tour of NEES@UCD Control Center

Description: Peter Rojas (Lab IT Manager) talks about various camera setups for the test specimen and gives a brief tour of the remote controlled UC Davis Centrifuge (Computer Control Center)

[video 1] | [video 2]

Students assembling test specimens

Cityblock Test 4

Description: Slideshow video showcasing the entire process in constructing and running our tests for the City Block Test-4 project at the NEES @ UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling. (The original background music in the video was copyrighted, so there is an ongoing classical song instead) [view slide show]

Autocad animation

Virtual 3D Model of HBMO4 [Test 3]

Description: High-speed video of the construction of a full 3D model for large-scale centrifuge testing. 3D models make it possible to fully design the box, rack, and structures and to aid in the placement of the accelerometers and displacement gages for large-scale centrifuge testing. The virtual 3D model was created using AutoCAD 2011.

Model construction

City Block Test-4 Model Construction

Description: Slideshow of the model construction process for the City Block Test-4 project at the NEES @UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling.

Camera view of test specimen

HBMO3 Testing Video

Description: View from centrifuge bucket camera.

Alternate view from centrifuge camera

Time-lapse video of test HBM04

Description: Time-lapse video of test HBM04, which shows the construction, retrofitting and process of centrifuge test.

B. Mason working on test specimen

A Description of the Test Structure

Description: Lead student researcher, Ben Mason, describes the upcoming test as he works on the test specimen.

Additional NEES Cityblock videos can be found at:

 B. Mason working on test specimen




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