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Projects : NEES Cityblock : Videos

Soil-Structure Interaction on the Scale of a City Block

Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments


SPIN: NEES City Block Project -
Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction on the Scale of a City Block

SPIN video title slide

Produced by CUREE for the NSF funded NEES Cityblock Small Grant Project. This five-part video provides an overview of the entire project, including interviews with project managers, as well as many of the students who participated on this project.

PART 1: Overview (featuring Professor Jonathan Bray, Project PI) - Total Time: 1:19

Overview of the NSF funded research project "Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments" (a.k.a. NEES City Block) which studied soil-structure-foundation interaction on the scale of a city block.

PART 2: What's geotechnical centrifuge earthquake engineering testing? - Total Time: 2:27

Professors Tara Hutchinson and Bruce Kutter discuss what is geotechnical centrifuge earthquake engineering.

PART 3: How have students been involved? - Total Time: 6:22

Professor Gregg Fiegel talks about how both graduate and undergraduate engineering students were able to participate in this project (includes interviews with many of the students who part of this project).

PART 4: What have we learned? - Total Time: 5:11

Professors Jonathan Bray, Tara Hutchinson, and Bruce Kutter discuss some of the findings that made as a result of this project.

PART 5: Final thoughts - Total Time: 2:15

Professors Jonathan Bray (along with Professor Gregg Fiegel) provide some final thoughts on the project and what came out of it.

NEES Cityblock montage

Music video montage of the centrifuge testing done at UC Davis (2009)

Description: Footage taken during the testing done at the NEES@UCDavis Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Facility on July 13th and August 14th, 2009.

Total time: 3:45 | [download] - approximate file size: 120 MB

Other video clips
P. Rojas in UCD lab

Tour of NEES@UCD Control Center

Description: Peter Rojas (Lab IT Manager) talks about various camera setups for the test specimen and gives a brief tour of the remote controlled UC Davis Centrifuge (Computer Control Center)

[video 1] | [video 2]

Students assembling test specimens

Cityblock Test 4

Description: Slideshow video showcasing the entire process in constructing and running our tests for the City Block Test-4 project at the NEES @ UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling. (The original background music in the video was copyrighted, so there is an ongoing classical song instead) [view slide show]

Autocad animation

Virtual 3D Model of HBMO4 [Test 3]

Description: High-speed video of the construction of a full 3D model for large-scale centrifuge testing. 3D models make it possible to fully design the box, rack, and structures and to aid in the placement of the accelerometers and displacement gages for large-scale centrifuge testing. The virtual 3D model was created using AutoCAD 2011.

Model construction

City Block Test-4 Model Construction

Description: Slideshow of the model construction process for the City Block Test-4 project at the NEES @UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling.

Camera view of test specimen

HBMO3 Testing Video

Description: View from centrifuge bucket camera.

Alternate view from centrifuge camera

Time-lapse video of test HBM04

Description: Time-lapse video of test HBM04, which shows the construction, retrofitting and process of centrifuge test.

B. Mason working on test specimen

A Description of the Test Structure

Description: Lead student researcher, Ben Mason, describes the upcoming test as he works on the test specimen.

Additional NEES Cityblock videos can be found at:

 B. Mason working on test specimen




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