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Projects : NEES Nonstructural : Strategic Plan

Simulation of the Seismic Performance of Nonstructural Systems

Strategic Goals chartStrategic Plan

To accomplish these objectives, a system level approach is proposed that encompasses the fundamental knowledge, enabling technologies and technology integration bases. The three-plane chart (shown below) illustrates how the major project tasks interact to achieve the strategic objectives.


Project Management Plan

The major objectives of the management plan are to:

(i) assure that all project tasks will be efficiently coordinated and performed as planned;

(ii) assure that deadlines are met and tasks stay within specified budgets;

(iii) assure that appropriate internal and NSF budgetary needs are met;

(iv) subcontract smoothly and efficiently with the project team member institutions;

(v) assure that reporting requirements are met within specified deadlines;

(vi) support team members’ needs in an efficient way so as to allow them to concentrate on the performance of their tasks. Such needs include editorial assistance in report preparation, interactive web services, travel reimbursements etc; and,

(vii) maintain a single point-of-contact for NSF and the NEES consortium. To accomplish these objectives the following management approach has been developed.

The figure below shows the organization chart for the overall project and for all project programs. The PI, Co-PIs and the Chair of the Practice Committee constitute the project management committee. Reporting to the PI is CUREE acting as Project Manager. CUREE has developed a reputation for effective project management of large, multi-university projects, such as the FEMA-funded CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project and the recent NEES Consortium Development project (Reitherman, 2003).

Orgizational chart

The institutional subcontracts will be managed by CUREE according to the financial management plan as shown. CUREE will also provide services with publications, editing and preparation, web services and other support. The CUREE executive director, Bob Reitherman, will oversee the CUREE functions and will work with the PI to assure smooth project administration.

The PI will have the overall financial and project execution responsibilities, and will interact directly with NSF and NEESinc as well as with the project task leaders using conference calls and web tools.

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