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Projects : Civil Engineers & Science Museums : Overview

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Project Team

Robert Reitherman, Executive Director
Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE)

Dr. Peter Wong, Director of University Relations
Museum of Science, Boston, MA

Dr. Al DeSena
Informal Science Education

Thalia Anagnos
Professor of Civil & Env. Engineering
San Jose State University
San Jose, CA.
Jill Andrews, Director
Research, Ed., and Outreach
School of Information
University of Michigan
Greg Brown
VP of Operations and Technology
Tech Museum of Innovation
San Jose, CA
Sandra E. Menke
Education Specialist
Mid-America Earthquake Center
University of Illinois
Gilbert Mosqueda, Assistant Professor
Civil, Structural, & Env. Engineering
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Andrew Neitlich
Management Consultant
IT Business Builders
Osprey, FL
Joseph Nicoletti
Consulting Structural Engineer,
San Francisco, CA
Christine Reich
Manager of Informal Ed. Assessment,
Museum of Science
Boston, MA.
Adrian Rodriguez-Marek, Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering,
Washington State University.
Charles Trautmann, Executive Director
Ithaca, NY

Project Goal
This project proposes to take the first steps in establishing a consortium or Network linking the science museum/science center community and the civil engineering community to enhance the way the public learns about civil engineering, a field that deals with what the public is immersed in every day--buildings, bridges, utility systems, and the other works that civil engineers create. Structural engineering and geotechnical engineering are the two primary professional/academic disciplines within our scope. An emphasis will be placed on earthquake engineering, a sub-field of civil engineering that has great potential for introducing excitement as well as challenging quantitative learning into exhibits, presentations, websites, and other museum programs.

Project Activities
The project will conduct a survey of current practice among science museums/science centers to compile a preliminary catalog. The Project Team will then evaluate the results and meet to conduct a preliminary design of ongoing Network services—sustainable ways to meet mutual needs of civil engineers to better express their research and practice and science centers to allow their users to better explore this field. Such candidate activities could include email notification of area engineering conferences for in-person “ask an engineer” visits; maintaining the initial project catalog into a worldwide updated web-based catalog; provide a clearinghouse of school science and math curriculum to solicit input from engineers for museum exhibits to fit those needs. The Project will then hold a workshop to present plans and obtain critical input from the science center community to finalize the Network design and recruit charter members.

Online Surveys
Science Museums and Civil Engineers were invited to participate in our online survey.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: curee

Project Description
CE-Museum Monograph
Committee Roster

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