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CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project

Element 1 - Testing & Analysis
Task 1.5.3 - Reliability Studies

PI: David Rosowsky (Oregon State University)

Problem Statement

Propagation of uncertainty throughout the analysis, design and construction processes must be evaluated in order to develop meaningful performance-based design recommendations for woodframe shearwalls in seismic regions.

Main Objectives

Task 1.5.3 has the following specific objectives: (i) modeling uncertainty analysis, (ii) response variability analysis, and (iii) suggest one possible reliability-based approach to shearwall design/selection.


This work is analytical in nature and involves time history analysis (including scaling of earthquake records), the CASHEW program, a program for the analysis of a nonlinear SDOF oscillator (with parameters determined by CASHEW), as well as numerical simulation procedures with efficient sampling schemes. Additional efforts involve statistical analysis of connection test data, material property information, construction quality/tolerance information, response quantities, etc.

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