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Projects : CUREE-Caltech Woodframe Project

Element 4 - Economic Aspects
Project Manager: L. Thomas Tobin - Tobin & Associates

While building code applications are a key element, a distinct topic concerns the potential for using the information developed in this project to refine insurance, mortgage lending, loss estimation, and disaster relief policies and procedures.  As the newly-formed California Earthquake Authority takes shape in the coming months, the project can contribute data on risk reduction benefits if various combinations of risk reduction construction standards are implemented, so that the impact on insurance policyholders, the state, and insurance companies can be better estimated.

Task 4.1 - Loss Estimation

The objective of this project is a set of probabilistic damage-estimation relationships based on detailed modeling and field data, suitable for incorporation into HAZUS.

Task 4.2 - Analysis of Index Buildings

Cross reference with Task 1.5.4. (Element 1) - powerpoint presentation overview [3 MB]

Task 4.5 - Cost and Performance

The goal of Task 4.5 is to work with other members of this project in the development of various Index Buildings to be used as models during the project. The Index Buildings will consist of a small house, large house, town house and apartment building.

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