Segmented Shear Wall Design

Use of Allowable Shear Tables

Problem 1:
          The frame of a shear wall is made with 2x4 Douglas Fir-Larch studs at 16 inches on center. Determine  intermediate (field) nail spacing, and maximum allowable unit shear for seismic loading if sheathing is 3/8 inch C-D grade plywood.  6d common nails are used, with nail spacing at panel edges of 4 inches on center.

Intermediate Nail Spacing =      inches    
Allowable Shear =      plf

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Topics of this module include:

Load Path, Segmented Design Method, UBC Design Table, Wall Shear, Dimension Ratios, Chord Design
 Anchorage, Deflection, Perforated Design Method, Method Comparison, Shear Wall Failures