Shear Wall Design

Use of Allowable Shear Tables
Problem 4:
          For a shear wall with 2x6 Southern Pine studs at 24 inches on center, determine the minimum sheathing thickness and nail size.   Structural 1 panels of uniform thickness are used on both sides of the frame. Edge nailing is 3 inches on center and the unit shear due to seismic loading is 1005 plf. Nails and panel joints on opposite faces of the shear wall are staggered in accordance with footnotes to IBC and UBC Allowable Shear Table.
Sheathing Thickness =  inches      
Nail Size=      

Topics of this module include:

Load Path, Segmented Design Method, UBC Design Table, Wall Shear,
Dimension Ratios, Chord Design,   Anchorage, Deflection,
Perforated Design Method, Method Comparison, Shear Wall Failures