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Note: These publications are not offered through the CUREE website, but may be purchased through a variety of book distributors.

Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
• Author(s): Jack Moehle
• Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, New York, N.Y.
• Publication Date: October 2014 (760 pages)
• ISBN-13: 978-0071839440 | ISBN-10: 0071839445

This 760-page book, published by McGraw-Hill, emphasizes the behavior and design requirements for earthquake-resistant reinforced concrete buildings constructed in regions of high seismic risk. The text is fully consistent with the requirements of ASCE 7-10 and ACI 318-14, but draws from best practices of other codes, from an extensive literature on the subject, and from the experience of the author working with practicing structural engineers.

The target audience is twofold: (1) graduate students with structural engineering emphasis and (2) practicing structural engineers. For graduate students, this book provides a logical progression of content that builds knowledge of reinforced concrete construction, including design methods, behavior of structural materials and members, and the assembly of structural members into complete buildings capable of resisting strong earthquake shaking. It serves as the reference text for the graduate course CE 244 taught at UC Berkeley. For the practitioner, this book can build knowledge and serve as a reference resource to help solve challenging design problems. The presentation emphasizes practical aspects, with numerous illustrations of concepts and requirements.

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