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Natural Hazards
(Chapter 7 in Extreme Event Mitigation in Buildings)

• Author(s): Thompson, A. C. T., A. M. Kammerer, G. M. Katzman and A. S. Whittaker
• Editor(s): Brian J. Maecham
• Publisher: National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA
• Publication Date: 2006 (559 pages)
• ISBN-13: 978-0877657439 | ISBN-10: 0877657432

Apply risk-informed performance assessment and design strategies! Extreme Event Mitigation in Buildings addresses the concerns of the post 9/11 era with proactive guidance on designing and assessing buildings for optimal performance and occupant safety. Use this unique guide to evaluate the expected performance of existing facilities under various extreme event conditions--from natural disasters to terrorism. Use the latest tactics to prevent catastrophe.

Detailed coverage of the following topics helps you prepare for the unexpected:

• Design strategies for mitigating the impact of extreme events on new construction

• Potential consequences of natural events such as windstorms, floods, and earthquakes

• Design and operational approaches to reducing chemical and biological threats, along with threats to IT/COMMS systems

• Evacuation planning and modeling

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