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Elements of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
• Author(s): And
• Publisher: Polytechnic International Press, Canada
• Publication Date: June 2002 (432 pages)
• ISBN-13: 978-2553010217 | ISBN-10: 2553010214

This book provides basic knowledge in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. In chapter 1, the author presents basic concepts of earthquake engineering. Chapter 2 discusses seismological aspects relevant to structural engineering. Chapter 3 gives a description of the seismic hazard and how to model it in order to construct seismic-zoning maps. In chapter 4, the cornerstone of the book, the fundamental notions of linear and nonlinear dynamic analyses of structures are discussed. The concepts of dynamic analysis are used in chapter 5 to evaluate the influence of a soil deposit on the movement at the base of a structure; this chapter also addresses the problem of liquefaction of saturated granular soils and the soil-structure interaction phenomenon. The last four chapters of this book are aimed at practising structural engineers who must consider the effects of earthquakes in their designs. Chapter 6 gives a detailed presentation of the philosophy behind the seismic provisions included in modern building codes. Chapters 7 and 8 describe specific seismic detailing requirements that must be incorporated into steel and concrete structures. Finally, chapter 9 briefly discusses energy concepts leading to lateral-load-resisting systems based on energy dissipation.

The problems proposed at the end of most chapters allow the reader to appreciate the practical aspects of the theoretical concepts. The content of this book can be used as a stepping-stone toward more specialized texts related to earthquake engineering and seismic design.

The appendix is the user's manual for the RESAS computer program available on École Polytechnique in Montréal's Web site. This program provides fast calculations of response spectra of earthquake records.

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