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Over of the course of the past 25 years, CUREE has produced a number of reports and other publications for the purposes of furthering civil engineering (particularly with earthquake engineering) for the purposed of research, education and implementation. Provided below is an archive of many of these publications, available for free download.

Research Reports
Northridge Meadows Apartment Collapse

NEES Nonstructural Project

This project utilized multidisciplinary system-level studies in order to develop a simulation capability and implementation process to enhance the seismic performance of the ceiling piping-partition nonstructural system.

The systems engineering research carried out in this project helped to move the field to a new level of experimentally validated computer simulation of nonstructural systems and establish a model methodology for future systems engineering studies.

10-0004: Modeling and Seismic Evaluation of Nonstructural Components: Testing Frame for Experimental Evaluation of Suspended Ceiling Systems
by A.M. Reinhorn, K.P. Ryu and G. Maddaloni, 2010, 184 pages.
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11-0005: Experimental Seismic Evaluation, Model Parameterization, and Effects of Cold-Formed Steel-Framed Gypsum Partition Walls on the Seismic Performance of an Essential Facility
by R. Davies, R. Retamales, G. Mosqueda and A. Filiatrault, 2011, 68 pages.
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12-0006: Bayesian Fragility for Nonstructural Systems
by Chang Hoon Lee and Mircea D. Grigoriu, 2012, 68 pages.
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12-0007: A Numerical Model for Capturing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Interior Metal Stud Partition Walls
by Richard L. Wood and Tara C. Hutchinson, 2012, 68 pages.
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12-0008: Assessment of Floor Accelerations in Yielding Buildings
by Joseph D. Wieser, Gokhan Pekcan, Arash E. Zaghi, Ahmad M. Itani and Emmanuel “Manos” Maragakis, 2012, 74 pages.
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13-0003: Experimental Seismic Study of Pressurized Fire Sprinkler Piping Subsystems
by Yuan Tian, Andre Filiatrault and Gilberto Mosqueda, 2013, 222 pages.
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