Is It Possible to Beat the House Edge at Roulette?

Gambling for fun and as a main activity in one’s downtime has been a thing for generations. The very act of wagering money on an outcome of a certain game or just about anything in life is a concept as old as modern civilization. Back in the day it did not take much for the folks to put their money where their mouth is and make things more interesting. Fast forward a few centuries or millenniums even and gambling became a whole industry on its own, one that is slowly catching up to the rest of entertainment branches and establishing itself as one of the most diverse and widespread forms of fun available to people.

Diversity and Popularity

The reason for the popularity of gaming has a lot to do with the number of different games that one can play. As mentioned, throughout history, people would bet on virtually anything. Before first sports and competitions appeared and before card and dice games were conceptualized, gambling was not really the same as it is now. Right now, we have it easy and simple. There are gambling games that are meant to be played for one reason only, to risk your money in order to win more. That is the whole premise and it is definitely more than enough for players to make gambling their number one free time activity. The only choice that remains is which game to play and which game to become good at in order to win more money than you lose.

A Fine Balance

While of the above may be true, gambling is still risky business. It is natural for gamblers to want to increase their chances and odds because they ultimately remain small enough to make it a questionable whether it is even worth playing or not. Every game has different odds to win and some rely on skill while others rely mostly on luck. A game that dances on the fine line between the two is definitely roulette where an almost equal amount of skill and luck is needed for a good payday. In this article we talk about beating the house edge on roulette and whether or not it is even possible. Read on to find out more about this and be sure to check out for a great place to test it out.

About the House Edge in Roulette


A lot of players do not even know what the house edge of a gambling game even represent. It is rather simple really, as it represents the advantage the casino has over the players in that particular game. The house edge is the difference between the players’ odds of winning and the payout of the casino that they give to the platers as winnings. Every single casino and every single game is made in a way that the house (casino) earns money from every bet. However, different games have different house edges and there are some that are easier to win at. Despite games being based on luck, some have a lower house edge than others.

In general, the house edge typically ranges anywhere from 1% to 17%. You want it to be as low as possible in order to make winning easier, or rather the frequency at which the game gives the wagers back to the players. When it comes to roulette, id depends on which one you play. Overall, roulette, is a mid-range game when it comes to house edge as it is better than most but also worse than many others. Two main types of roulette are American and European and they have significantly different house edges between them. The American variety has a house edge of 5.25%, while the European has it at only 2.7%. The main reason for this is the fact that the European version only has a single-zero wheel, while the American has both the single zero and the double zero therefore making it more difficult to get the ball to fall on the right spot.

Navigating the Game of Roulette

Now, it is important to note that a low house edge does not equal winning most of your wagers. Far from it. You still have to determine the house edge in each game to help you make a better decision and a more calculated move. Minimizing the losses is how you stay more profitable in gambling since it is what you can control. Controlling the winnings is not really possible.

In European roulette tables there are 37 numbers, 1 through 36 and the zero. The players are only played for the 1 through 36 spots, and not the entire wheel of 37, equaling the players being payed 2.7% less than what they should. If you wager on a black number, you bet on one of the 18 black numbers. The same goes for red as there are also 18 red numbers. This looks like a 50% chance at money because there is an equal amount of numbers of the same color. However, there is also the zero, so it is 18 against 37 and not 18 against 36 which equals 48.7% of winning. What this means is you have more chance to lose on the most favorable bet than win.


Things are quite similar in American roulette, except the fact that there is one extra field, the double zero (00). So instead of betting on one of the 18 numbers and having to bet against 37, you bet against 38. This one number is enough to make American roulette two times more difficult to win at as the players are paid 5.26% less than they should be. When it comes to the odds, they drop to 47.4% because of the one extra field meaning American roulette is more difficult to win. Being able to calculate the house edge between different casinos will increase your odds of winning. While the house edge will always be there to help the casino make their money, your bets need to be smart and you have to know what you are doing in order to win money. Play the European version for a slightly bigger chance to win as every percentage matters!