These Are the Most Commonly Used Compliments on Dating Apps

Those who are social network enthusiasts already know the most popular sites and dating apps. Every year, more and more dating apps are launched to satisfy everyone’s needs.

And while “spontaneous” dating is still common all over the world, online dating is starting to pick up the pace, especially among the younger generation who search for gorgeous Birmingham escorts frequently. It is no longer rare to meet or even be someone who has managed to find a partner online.

There are many reasons why this trend is gaining momentum and popularity. It is possible to see the person’s photo before having a face-to-face contact, there is a little more time in general to get to know each other through exchanging messages, and perhaps avoiding a possible incompatibility when it comes to a date.

It’s also a powerful tool for people who are shy or who don’t have a very active social life, making it easier for them to connect with other people in the same situation, among others.

However, some people are still reluctant to try it, for security reasons and because of the widespread assumption that people who meet online are not as authentic as those they meet in person.

But this is a myth, which has even been commented on by several humanities professionals. Basically, the risk of meeting someone on an app is the same as meeting someone on the street, because everywhere there are good and bad people.

As a leader in adult classifieds, Skokka decided to shed some light on the subject, by asking the sexy and professional escorts, and tell a little more about these apps, so famous nowadays, as well as the most used compliments on them.

First of all, create an attractive profile


This is where it all starts… when it comes to online contact, of course what one sees and what one reads is very important, after all, there is no way for the person to know if one’s charisma is amazing or not, if one has a nice smell or not, so it is necessary to be objective, as well as to explore one’s strengths.

First of all, don’t make anything up, because if what is desired is to have a genuine connection, making something up will only increase the disappointment of the other party when they know the truth and the nervousness of the person who is lying to avoid being discovered.

Be clear in the description

The little words that are written in the profile have more power than one can imagine, a brief talk about the things that one likes to do, or even – of one’s physique and what they are looking for in this app.

Use actual photos

There’s no point using a photo from 5 years ago where you could have been a bit slimmer. Ideally, use current photos that portray exactly what the person will see on the first date.

Don’t wait

Often, the moment of the match has passed and neither of you has spoken. So do your part, if someone really interests you, why not start a conversation?

Include objective information


If someone is a sportsman, why not comment and post some photos from the last race? If they prefer to cook, why not write down their favourite recipe? Putting objective information helps a lot in the filter of meeting people who really connect with those tastes and hobbies.

After using all the tips on how to build a great profile, finally the match happened. But…

How to break the initial ice?

The hottest Aussie escorts in Cardiff exclusively told us which compliments work best for them on these apps:

-Focus on profile elements

More than a simple compliment about the person’s physique, commenting on something they’ve written or a place they’ve visited is a great way to start a flirtation.

-Of course, compliments and greetings can be nice

Who doesn’t like to know that they have an attractive smile or that their body is sculptural? Compliments, when true, can and should be made at the moment of conquest.

-Avoid just saying “hello”.

Here one can talk about the weather, a TV show, a joke… anything that can lead to a possible continuation of the conversation.

-Calling for a date


This doesn’t work for everyone, but many people prefer to ask out on the first conversation, so they can see face to face if things work out or not. And the truth is, this can save a lot of time for all parties involved.

-Ask original questions

Ask something that everyone likes and the person doesn’t. If they could have one superpower, what would it be and so on. Original questions can break the ice and also spark great conversations.

Dating apps don’t do miracles. Meaning, sometimes there will be many bad dates until the right person is found, all it takes is to be patient and keep exploring, do research and enjoy all that these platforms have to offer. And who knows, maybe it will be possible to meet that special person.

Fail-Proof Compliments That Are Sure To Impress

1) “You’ve got such nice eyes/lips/teeth/hair.”

Telling a woman she is beautiful is usually well-received, but it is such a generic compliment that it can come across as a little disingenuous and hollow at times. Take it a step further by highlighting her best features and emphasising them. Tell her she has amazing, full lips – in a non-creepy way, and if you’ve known her for a while! Focus on her gleaming white teeth if she has them.

2) “You’re not like everyone else.”


Sexism and is unlikely to be received well by self-respecting women. “You’re not like other girls” implies that being like most other girls is a bad thing, because girls are vapid, love pink, and can’t throw balls, or [insert whatever other stereotypes you’re relying on when you distinguish your special snowflake from the rest of her gender].