Pulled Over for DUI: 8 Legal Steps to Take After

While driving and crossing any checkpoint, you can be pulled over for drunk texting. Even if you are drunk or not, you can get trapped in this criminal offense. Whenever you get into such a situation, you do not have to panic. You must try to talk politely to the officer.

If the situation worsens, you can call a lawyer to help you handle all the legal issues. Many people panic and try to rush from the checking point, which makes them involved in crime. In the following write-up, we will discuss various steps one must follow after being pulled over by an officer. Hiring an attorney to handle all the legal activities without any hassle is crucial.

You must know how to protect your rights, and a lawyer can help you. If you have any misconceptions in your mind, a legal expert can clear all your doubts. But before hiring an attorney, you can prepare and take some legal steps.

1. Stay Calm

Whenever you get in a situation where an officer for drunk testing pulls you over, you first have to stay calm. Officers can choose any random car and ask for the test. You must not panic and reach the stop.

Park your car where officers need you to do it. Everything is recorded at the particular stop, like the way you stop and obey all the police officers. But you should always stay quiet and handle everything with a peaceful mind.

2. Talk Politely

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Communicate politely with the police officer when they call you over. You must notice that the entire conversation is recorded in the form of audio and video. You must not sound and look rude.

Even if a person is drunk, the person must talk politely. While addressing the police officer, you must say sir or madam. When you talk politely, officers will behave properly, and your good character will be recorded in the video or audio.

3. Never Admit Being Drunk

Whenever you are pulled over, the police officer will tell you to submit documents like license, vehicle registration, etc. They will keep asking if you are drunk or not. Remember, whatever you speak will be recorded, and you must never admit to being drunk. You should also avoid saying no.

Instead, you can stay quiet and avoid giving any answer. Whatever you speak can be used as evidence in court. Therefore, you must take care of the words you speak in front of those police officers. It is a critical offense if you drink and drive.

4. Never Submit Sobriety Tests

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The officer can pull you from your vehicle and order you to give specific tests. Make sure that you never agree to give a sobriety test. They cannot force you, and it is necessary to know the fact. If anyone forces you a lot, you can involve your legal professional and explain why you are not allowed to give the test.

These tests are not accurate, and hence, they can be a trap for you. Therefore, it is necessary not to submit sobriety tests that can make you wrong in court. Therefore, you should never agree to give sobriety tests to the officer.

5. Never Submit Any Chemical Test

In many cases, officers can order you to give various chemical tests. They can ask you to give blood or urine samples or do a breathing test. You can refuse to give all the samples to avoid some tests. There are chances of getting unpredictable outcomes, and police can arrest you.

But if you refuse all the chemical tests, your license will be suspended for at least one year. You do not need to be guilty of a crime that is not done by you. If you agree to give tests, you will get into trouble, and it is hard to protect yourself.

6. Never Give any Statement If the Police Arrest You

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Somehow, if you get arrested, you should stay quiet. It is necessary not to give any statement because it will be recorded and misused. Many people panic and start speaking unnecessarily. You never know where the police keep recording devices.

You can contact the attorney and call them for help whenever you feel right. A legal expert will deal with everything, but you must not say a single word to the police.

7. Avoid Making Sudden Movements

Many people panic in such situations and make sudden movements by rushing or escaping from that place. You should avoid doing these things as it can make you look guilty and protect yourself from getting caught.

Instead of doing such things, you must stay calm and stop as per the command of the police. You must listen to them and call your lawyer for advice. You are required to do the same things that your legal expert says. If any critical thing happens, make sure that you stay quiet and wait for your legal professional to come and handle the situation.

8. Note Everything

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Whatever happens on the spot, you must note every detail. Your case can later get complicated if you miss any detail. You can note everything in your mind that you witness without saying any word.

If you are speaking any words to the police, you must remember them while repeating them in court. You must give all the details to your legal expert and let him decide how he wants to handle the court case. You can check this site to get legal help and gather more information.

Final Thoughts

Pulling over for DUI is quite common and a severe criminal offense. You must know how to react whenever you get into such a situation. Instead of panicking, you should stay calm and handle the situation peacefully.

You should hire a legal professional to handle the case. You must know that everything is getting recorded and avoid speaking unnecessary things to prevent complications. Take advice from a legal expert and obey all the instructions to protect yourself.