Methods to Help You Remember the Basic Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. It owes its popularity to the fact it’s quite straightforward. This is what attracts people. The rules are not complicated, and the chances of winning are quite high. Some would even theorize that you can count cards, and win that way, but all of us know that’s illegal, and it takes a lot of intellect to handle it the proper way. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t available means that can aid your wins. There are, and as we said, blackjack is not too complicated, so the strategies revolve around basic card norms.

But, you need to remember that every card game is a thing of passion. Once the deck starts opening you could lose yourself in the enjoyment of the game. Due to this, many players tend to forget the strategies they had in store for the card game. This could be an issue, especially if you play for a longer period. Without a proper strategy, you can hardly win. But, in the heat of the moment will you be aware of these methods? They’re there to help you remember. But the answer is probably not.

So, what you need is a little education on the subject. Having a plan is one matter. Remembering when and how to use it is another. You need to prepare yourself in this domain. There’s no way you can go to toponlinecasinos and have any chance of winning without having a proper strategy. Even if you have one, letting the heat of the game takes the best out of you is not an option. What’s the solution? Well, it’s obvious by now. Learning these methods that will aid you in the crucial moments of the game. Let’s see what they are.

Start Simple


Even some of the basic blackjack strategies can get complicated if you don’t tone them down a little bit. Make your strategy as simple as you can. This way you give yourself a better chance of remembering it in crucial moments of the game. We’re not going to dwell too deep into the matter of strategy, as every player has the right to pick what he wants for themselves. Luckily, all of these strategies will have many things in common. This is what we’ll explain in-depth, as you’ll be able to extract the knowledge from the back of your head by using this simple method. From this paragraph, remember to keep things simple. From there onwards, things will tend to be easier. Make it easier for yourself.

Memorizing Blackjack Strategy


We came to the main part of this piece. How to memorize and how to remember your blackjack strategy in a crucial moment. Your success in this game depends on this part. The thing is, you need to memorize them fast, and to be able to remember them fast when playing, because this game pulls you in. Going there without a strategy is no good. But, here’s the trick – by picking a simple strategy as we suggested, remembering it will also be an easy task. If you’re new to this game this is how it’s done. Devising a strategy that’s your job. Remembering it quickly that’s ours.

To start this path the right way, you’ll need to remember these four words. The first one is surrender. After the surrender, you have split which is followed by a double before you end it with a hit. Not too complicated, right? It’s not. With all four words the question is the same, and you’ll answer with a yes or with a no. It’s all about knowing when to hit when to double, and when to do the opposite. It goes the same alley with surrender and split. Just ask yourself, yes or no? There are only two answers to these four questions. Another important part of this segment is that you always follow the order we gave you.

If this is not how you want to handle business, we offer you two more variants. These scenarios depend on what the dealer handed you. You can start your game with either 2-6 or a 7-A. with the first option you need to judge if the dealer is going to bust or not. If you start with a 7-A things are different. Here is where you set your goal, and that’s an exit at 17.

When you narrow the field this way, things get easier from there. Your strategy will create a three-way street here. The first option gives you two selections to hit on 12 versus 2 and to aim at 12 versus 3. If the dealer gives you something in the 3-6 region you need to double it. Doubling down comes on 10-11, and this is all you need to know about how to remember the basics of your strategy. Of course, don’t forget what we said first – try and keep it simple. This way you won’t be betrayed by your strategy mid-game.


Bottom Line

Planning when playing blackjack is a must. We’re not going to argue about this. You need it! Memorizing everything you decide to follow is the first step. Listen to us, and opt for a simple approach thus memorizing it will be a piece of cake. But the work doesn’t stop there. Memorizing it is one thing, but remembering how to apply it during a game is another. As we said, passion knows to take the best even out of the most focused ones. The best way to learn how to do both is by practicing. Playing this game regularly helps you hone your skill and the moment you always know how to employ your strategy is when you have things under control. Start the game with lower stakes and battle your way up. The moment you muster your strategy and its appliance is when you can increase the stakes. Considering that this is a game of luck and some knowledge after all and that you’re not Dan Bilzerian, the gambling guru, as of yet, you need to tread carefully.