Cinnamon Supplement

Reviews Scanned FAQ: Q: What are the side effects of cinnamon supplements? A: Irritation to skin: the essential oil of cinnamon when used alone may cause irritation on the skin. … Cinnamon contains anti clotting properties. … Though cinnamon is considered beneficial in healing an ulcer,cinnamon in large quantity may worsen the ulcer. … Person … Read more

Happy One Hey Dude

Reviews Scanned FAQ: Q: Who are Hey Dudes? A: Created in 2008 from their obsession for quality and passion for new experiences, their shoes are built to take you anywhere. Try on a pair of Hey Dudes and they will quickly become a natural part of your life, whether at play, work, or after sport! … Read more


Reviews Scanned FAQ: Q: What are the health benefits of eating licorice? A: Licorice Helps The Stomach. Licorice Helps The Skin. Licorice Helps The Hair. Licorice Helps The Kidneys. Licorice Helps The Joints. Licorice Helps The Chest. Licorice Helps The Throat And Mouth. Licorice Helps The Intestines And Bladder. Licorice Helps The Ovaries. Licorice Helps … Read more

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Reviews Scanned FAQ: Q: How much alpha lipoic acid should you take a day? A: But alpha-lipoic acid is an unproven treatment, there is no established dose. Studies have used between 600-1,200 milligrams daily for diabetes and neuropathy; one review concluded that the evidence is convincing for the use of 600 milligrams daily for three … Read more

Us Dreams Lard

Reviews Scanned FAQ: Q: Who is Us Dream Land? A: Thank you.” U.S. Dream Land is a Utah based real estate investment company. We are dedicated to providing our customers with great deals, seller financing real estate solutions and superior service in the area of vacant raw land. Q: Where does lard come from? A: … Read more