6 Benefits of Babywearing for Both Moms and Babies

Do I need babywearing? This question is faced by many parents who need a baby carrier in order to function more easily with their baby, and at the same time provide them with the necessary tenderness and attention. Your baby will not be the only one who enjoys the benefits of baby wraps. This is an equally good option for moms. For example, they will not have to give up their daily activities in order to devote themselves to the baby.

Now you can enjoy with her during your activities if you find the right carrier. This equipment allows babies to be carried in different positions, both on the stomach and on the back or side, depending on the baby’s age, as well as the capabilities of the model. There are many reasons why parents decide to babywear, and below we will list some of the most common reasons.

1. Positive impact of babywearing on child development


One of the biggest advantages of this approach is the contribution to the proper physical development of the baby. Research shows that children like this are more active, sleep better, learn faster, cry less, have better immunity and therefore make excellent progress in terms of weight and height. Therefore, this position has a positive effect on the baby’s general health. This includes a more stable heartbeat, a more regular breathing rhythm, etc.

We have to mention that this equipment for the baby has the greatest impact on the development of the hips and spine. Due to a bad position, children can have various health problems. Therefore, do not use any equipment, but only the one that allows the ideal position of the body. A baby can’t tell you that it’s not uncomfortable, which is why they’ll sit there desperate that they can’t move. To prevent this, try to find the best equipment. Many useful info about best baby wrap carrier is available at mamabro.com.

2. Bonding between mother and child


One of the well-known methods of bonding mother and child is kangaroo care. In short, when the baby is leaning on the mother, its physiological composition works optimally and it develops much better. Skin-to-skin care is one of the most well-known techniques used around the world. Connecting the mother with the child allows her to adapt much faster to the new role, as well as the new body. It is also easier to establish lactation and breastfeeding.

Thanks to constant movement with the baby outside the home, the mother has more self-confidence and feels more secure. He also devotes more time to himself and other family members. We must not forget about mothers with several children. They have to pay equal attention to others, and that is very easy when you have babywearing.

3. Decreased level of stress hormones of mother and baby

Mothers who wear babywearing are much more cheerful than others, because their baby rarely cries, so they have a clear conscience. A baby’s cry is very stressful for parents, especially when it comes to the mother. Lack of sleep, fatigue, and hormonal changes also contribute to stress. Such a condition can easily develop into serious depression, i.e. postpartum depression. Anxiety arises as a result of lack of attachment, guilt, etc.

With babywearing you will have complete freedom while staying connected to your baby. That’s why you won’t feel like you’re losing yourself, because you’ll be able to do your daily activities and spend time with your friends, work and the like. In such a situation, stress hormones drop, and the baby enjoys the familiar sounds and rhythms it remembers from the mother’s womb.

4. Positive influence on the baby’s mental development


We all know about the disorganized patterns of behavior that a child adopts very quickly after birth. Such behavior is precisely the consequence of not carrying the baby. While the newborn is lying only on his back in the stroller or in another place, he tries to fit in as quickly as possible in an environment he is not used to. The main reason is the absence of a close person such as a mother, father or other guardian. Rhythmic nervous rocking in place, tics and thumb-sucking are just some of the patterns that babies adopt to calm themselves.

Therefore, do not ignore the baby’s primary needs, because there is a possibility of early development – related trauma. The first traumas are an excellent basis for later explosiveness, impulsivity, narcissism and others. Such habits are the result of inner restlessness and unrealized potential. Provide your baby with a healthy developmental path so that it grows into a happy, self-confident and calm person who establishes quality and long-lasting interpersonal relationships.

5. Wearing is easy

In addition to all the listed advantages, we must mention that the equipment in question is very easy to use. Thanks to the pleasant material that will not cause discomfort to you and the baby, carrying is very practical. It also eliminates the need for larger equipment such as carts, baskets and the like. With babywearing you can enter every market, shopping center and public transport. It is ideal for all weather conditions. For example, if it starts to rain, get an umbrella and you will protect yourself and your baby at the same time. It is also ideal for twins.

6. Absence of pain from carrying a baby


Many parents face pain in the spine and other parts of the body every day. We are sure that carrying a baby constantly is not an easy task, especially as the months go by and the baby progresses. She is getting bigger and heavier, and her parents are getting more and more tired. Fortunately, you can opt for babywearing that makes carrying your baby much easier. It’s also safer and doesn’t affect your balance. In this way, you relieve your hips and spine of the pressure that normally comes from carrying a baby in your arms.


There is a wide variety of baby gear on the market, but be careful when making your decision. Choose only what is in the best interest of you and your child. It is also important to consider your health condition as well as your parenting style. Babywearing is a safe option. The biggest advantage is definitely the feeling that causes a constant look at your baby’s face like. We are sure that it is the most beautiful experience for all mothers.