8 Tips on How to Improve Your Bluffing Skills Online

Do you like to play online casino games? Do you have your favorite one in mind? If so, you may want to learn a few ways on how you can bluff when playing big, both in-person and online. For most people, this is poker, and trying to master some big moves can be tricky.

If you want to develop a strategy and find some ways or helpful tips and tricks on how you can gamble, keep on reading! Here are some very useful tips on how to improve your bluffing skills when it comes to online casinos for both newbies or experienced players.

8 Tips on How to improve Your bluffing skills online

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1. Have your own way of playing and fool your opponents

Gamers are big on body language, or when it comes to online games: spotting patterns and consistent moves. This is why you should try to fake a tell and throw off other players. This can be something small and barely noticeable, like constantly slowing down your throw as you’re about to reveal the good hand.

The purpose is to lure the opponent into false security for the big round and take his or her coins. It might take some time and practice to do this move properly, but remind yourself that practice makes everything perfect.

2. Play with a ton of experienced online players to gain the knowledge

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Online casinos are a good training ground for newbies or players who are just making that transition from in-person play to online casinos. When playing online you can battle opponents that are better than you at bluffing and learn from watching them make consistent moves, yet you’ll be spotting your mistakes.

Think twice before going all in! You should play with fake money or only invest $5 to pick up their tricks. It is a good investment for your long-term play.

3. Bluffing also means knowing when to give up

You can’t be the best since there are always people who can outplay you or who have been playing poker longer than you have. If your experience has thought you how and when to tell that someone has better cards than you, no shame in giving up.

Don’t get angry if you have had a bad roll or a bad day, and think about saving your money by stepping away if the opponent is trying to lure you and bluff you into playing!

4. Don’t let others pick up your moves and gameplay

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When you bluff you’re telling your own side of the story through your own gameplay and your pick of moves. The more engrossed the other players become with your tale, the more likely they’ll fall for your trick.

Be patient and lay your traps over time. Switch up your gameplay and let your opponents think that you have no clue what you’re doing within the first 3-4 rounds. After that, grab the opportunity and win the round!

5. Don’t be the first to limp

Limping (just calling the big blind preflop) is a common rookie mistake that you can make. This is also an absolute no-no move to make as the first player to enter a pot. Avoid making this move both online and in-person because you can’t win the pot before the flop like you could if you raised it.

You should limp only if and when at least one other player has already limped. With this move, you’re getting great pot odds for your future round or rounds.

6. Fold when you’re unsure

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How often do you tend to unfold? This step and this gameplay can be a bit tricky since you have to trick yourself and the opponents into doing it. Humans are naturally curious and driven, making folding an impossible move to make as you surrender your chance to win the pot. It is in our blood to try and want to continue.

When you fold make sure you note down the details of the hand so you can try to figure out if you made the right fold after your session.

7. 3-Bet light strategy

Have you heard of and used the 3-bet strategy before? Raising again before the flop more often than you normally do, and with hands that are not that great, is known as the light 3-bet.

If you are playing with players who don’t like to fight back and aren’t very proactive or dominant with their moves, this is the right bluffing move to do and lure them out. Wait for them to raise around the button or in a blind vs blind fight. You will have the best chance of winning at this moment.

8. Double floating

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Are you a fan of double floating? This is a move when you double float in poker and you call somebody’s bet on the flop, and on the turn. Double floating is a move that you do when you bluff on the river when they check and take it down. Have you tried doing it before?

Players do not usually come at you three times, only two, so use it wisely and try to seal the deal by being logical and witty, as well as when counting your moves.

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