Does Intuitive Energy Healing work – 2024 Guide

When it comes to health and the ways to reach it by any means possible, we often aim at anything available. There are medicinal ways, there are holistic ways and there are natural ways. What type of health seeker are you, and have you heard about Intuitive Energy Healing?!

Health is all we got and if we don’t take care of our body it will deteriorate and the end is familiar to all of us. Human beings are mortal, that is something we all know and grow to live with, without much considering and caring for at a younger age. As we grow older and as our time on earth closes to the end, we are more invested in finding ways to prolong our life and regain the health we lost along the way.


When it comes to this many will tell you that it is often late to start thinking about health in older years and that you should start living and eating healthy very early. Making healthy habits is easier when you are younger and they bring more benefits to your health since your body and your metabolism are much younger and faster at processing these things.

There are ways to achieve better health and it is often frowned upon when you mentioned healing with energy, stones, crystals and so on. The fact is that there is something to it and today we have decided to tell you a bit about Intuitive Energy Healing and whether it works. There are people like who have devoted a lot of time and effort to this and they will tell you that it works, and why we will try to explain why.

Intuitive Energy healing is very different from Reiki and it connects to the divine energy to remove and release any emotions or trapped negative energy that you might have in your energy field. What are those trapped emotions or energy fields? It all sounds like a science fiction movie or a script? It does a bit but it all ties up nicely when you explain.


Let’s start from birth, shall we? Once you come out of your mother’s womb you are all crystal clear and clean, with no bad energy, no issues no problems. Those start to accumulate as you progress through life. Negative energy and issues start to gather from a young age. Maybe you didn’t get all the love as a child, maybe you lost someone you loved early on. All of these things leave an impact on you – like some sort of bruising on your energy field. Those bruises accumulate over time, throughout your life, schooling, college, marriage, parenting and so on.

If you didn’t catch this on so far, your energy field, and thus your health is slowly being destroyed by traumas, emotions, situations, PTSD and all other things you accumulate over time as a living creature. Some of us have better coping mechanisms some do not, and those that do not tend to suffer more from this, and even develop an illness or mental situation.

All this as you can presume is bad for your health and more importantly bad for your energy. Good intuitive energy healers can draw things, information and emotions from your that you thought you forgot. Those that you had when you were 4, 8, or 10 years old which is remarkable, but also necessary. If you clean only one part of your emotions and stress you still have these early days that will negatively impact your health. In a lot lesser way, but never the less impact it negatively.


If you are wondering how exactly can those past feelings, traumas and emotions impact you now, you need to know that these are always with you and they activate negatively when you get an emotional trigger. New situations and feelings that somehow correlate and are almost the same as those you had before can easily be an emotional trigger that will have you feeling down, not worthy and that will increase the downfall of your overall health.

Now since we said this much you are still probably wondering is this legitimate and just how the intuitive energy healing works. Well, the bottom line is that we get hit by one of those emotional triggers and when those old and bad emotions, feelings, and ideas climb to the surface, we instinctively do one thing – pushed them down back and make them even stronger and worse.

What is intuitive, you can also read this as intentional, energy healers do is sit down with you and talk about these things. They are sort of your sift through all the scars and bruises and when they identify all of them they connect to the divine energy to bring all of those bad things up and take them out of your energy field. This cleanses your energy and deals with bad things that were corrupting your health and after each session, you will exit out lighter and more relaxed, more focused. Your bright light will be restored, you will not be weight down by things that shouldn’t weigh you down, all of your concerns will be gone and you will feel like you can breathe with full lungs once again.


Now all of this sounds strange and it makes us believe in some sort of special abilities and energies from certain people but you have to understand that we are all energy-based beings. There is energy in us, energy moves us and if that energy or the field gets disrupted, dirty and weighted down by bad thoughts, emotions, and a lot of stress then it is easy to accept that your energy will not be clean as it was, will not be on the level it was.

The best thing about this type of healing is that we all can try it and experience it for ourselves. There are no side effects, no experimental drugs or anything that can damage your health further. Whether you believe in this or you don’t it doesn’t matter until you try it. If you feel anything like we described at the end of the session, you can be sure that it worked on you.