Ways to Make Your Business Trip to Dubai Better

Sometimes, we need to travel for work and Dubai is a common destination where business people meet to exchange ideas, attend seminars and promotions and have meeting with different clients. People from all over the world and different industries visit Dubai, a city which has developed significantly in the last few years.

Dubai’s commercial center is one of the most modern in the world and it features multiple companies that keep their hubs there. It is a great business hotspot for a reason, with investors, entrepreneurs and global brands gathering here throughout the year.

Traveling for work usually isn’t fun since we will be working. However, that doesn’t make that you cannot make the most out of your trip and see the popular sites and simply get a few hours to enjoy and connect with your business partners or colleagues.

Different types of business trips

Usually, when we mention a business trip, it is a trip that lasts for a few days, where you will go and attend several meetings and seminars that take place throughout the day. Later on, you will return home and implement the things you learned in the new company

On the other hand, you may stay in Dubai for a few months for your training or during an implementation process. Whatever it is, you will learn that Dubai is a great place to be when it comes to business and we will show you how to make your business trip enjoyable.

Rent a Limo

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If you come for a few days and everything is centered around one major event, you should definitely consider a limousine for that event. There is a large number of limo rentals in Dubai and if you are looking for something more luxurious, click here.

TLT Limo offers a wide fleet of vehicles and you can choose your favorite. Why is it important to rent a limousine? First of all, you want to arrive there in style. The company may provide this transportation for you, or you can treat yourself. Riding a limo is an experience of its own. But it is not just about you…

If you are meeting with potential business partners, you want to make sure you do everything to impress them. A limo shows them that you have a stable company and that you know what you are doing. This can be a luxurious car or a van if there are multiple people that you need to pick up. Limos usually come with a chauffeur, so you don’t have to worry about driving.

After your business meeting or a conference, you can drive to the nightclub to celebrate the deals you made. Find the best limousine and check the quote before you book.

Get the Best Accommodation

Other than fancy cars and stunning views, Dubai is famous for luxurious hotels as well. There are over 700 hotels within the city limit to accommodate for high demand of business travelers. If your company hasn’t booked an accommodation for you will need to look for it.

The best thing would be to find a hotel near the venue your company organizes the events in. This will cut short the distance you need to traverse and you will have more free time at hand. When it comes to the level of luxury, that’s up to you to decide. The views and contents from top-tier hotels such as the Jumeirah Emirates Towers are pure gold but not everyone can afford it. Most likely, you will need to settle for something less expensive, but even so, the accommodation is great around Dubai.

Use Your Free Time

Even though you will not have a lot of free time on your hand, make sure to use all the time you have to visit some popular destinations. Dubai has a lot to offer and if the weather’s nice you can visit some of the following:

Jumeirah Mosque

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The only mosque that is open to non-Muslim visitors is the Jumeirah Mosque. Bathed in sun, the mosque looks stunning and it attracts a large number of tourists all around the world. There are some of the tour guides that could talk to you more about the mosque and how it is build, which is useful if you want to learn a thing or too.

Keep in mind that the mosque is closed on Fridays because of the prayers that take place throughout the day. But any other day you can drop by and check this beautiful structure.

Dubai Spice Market

In case you want to buy something that you don’t have at home, we strongly recommend that you visit the city’s spice market. The intoxicating smells and sights will remain in your memory forever. Here you can find spices you didn’t even hear of. Middle Eastern spices have had value through history and spices such as Persian dired limes, saffron, barberries are widely popular and available at the city market.

Skydive Dubai

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If you are feeling adventurous, there isn’t a better place to go skydiving than Dubai. Imagine the view up above at the famous “palm tree”. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t worry too much because you will jump in a tandem with one of the experienced guides from the company. The price of the jump is approximately $600 but it is worth it. This is an experience you will never forget.

Go shopping

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Finding a shopping mall in Dubai isn’t complicated. Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world and you can find anything there. There is over 1,200 shops and we doubt that you can visit all of them, but going on a shopping spree is a nice way to unwind after hours of meetings and work. And, if you consider skydiving too extreme, this is a nice alternative.


The best way to ensure your business trip is unforgettable is to rent a limo for major events, do your job well and go out and have some fun.