A Year Round Concern in South Florida: Motorcycle Safety

In Florida, riding is a year-round hobby. While most of the country’s northern regions store their motorcycles for the winter, here in Florida, riders can anticipate seeing a lot of them on the roads.

In actuality, the winter months are the busiest for riders in our region. Large riding groups and lone riders both take to our local highways and byways when the rain stops and the temperature drops. Large-scale motorcycle events will also bring bikers to our region from throughout the country, such as Daytona Bike Week and Cape Coral Bike Night.

The West Palm Beach motorcycle injury attorneys have been defending the rights of motorcyclists and their families for more than twenty years. Although data indicate that the driver of a passenger vehicle is at fault in over half of all crashes involving a passenger car, riders are frequently held responsible for collisions in the eyes of the public.

Be mindful of other bikers on the road

other bikers on the road
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The following actions can be taken by drivers to ensure the safety of riders:

  • Yield to Others: A driver who turns left in front of an approaching motorbike rider without yielding is the leading cause of motorcycle collisions involving passenger cars. Allowing a cyclist to pass takes only a few seconds, so there’s no possibility of a crash.
  • Look out for intersections: Although riders are generally cautious, stopping a motorcycle takes a long time. Prior to crossing an intersection, make sure you look for other riders. They might not have enough time to stop safely, even if you believe their light is about to turn red.
  • Avoid tailgating: It takes a while for motorcycles to accelerate from a complete stop as well. Surprisingly often, cars will crash into the back of a motorcycle before the rider can move forward at a red light.
  • Never crowd others: Motorcycles are entitled to their own lane and share the same rights as regular passenger cars. Never try to pass someone in a travel lane or share a lane with them.
  • Look both ways: Because they are small, motorcycles are simple to overlook at a glance. Always give approaching bikers a second glance.

Although motorcycle riders have the same rights and protections on the highways as other members of our community, they are far too frequently the victims of terrible accidents caused by careless driving. During this riding season, be vigilant and assist them in returning home safely to their families.

Why safety is important

Why safety is important
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Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience because the rider actively participates in navigating curves, keeping pace with the traffic, and precisely shifting, accelerating, and braking. Whether you ride to and from work, prefer the companionship of a weekend group ride, or take in the scenery on an off-road adventure, riding a motorcycle awakens all of your senses and gives you an incredible sense of freedom.

That liberty also entails accountability. To ride on the streets, one must have a license in every state that attests to a minimum degree of riding expertise and knowledge. Liability insurance is also necessary. Even if your state does not mandate it, you should think about enrolling in a hands-on training program to master the fundamentals of riding safely in traffic.