Movies to Watch if You like Complex Plots

We all enjoy films with compelling plots, depth, and rewatchability. Well, some science fiction, future, and psychological movies are incredibly complicated, and make us respect the writers’ and directors’ efforts to bring those films to reality. Well, these movies are such that you can watch them repeatedly and they will not bore you.

We have a comprehensive collection that you will adore if you share in the appreciation and preference for films that require more than one viewing to fully comprehend. Well, we are sure if you have the appreciation for such movies, you must have already watched them, but if you are new to this genre, you will love this collection of films.

1. A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a genuine work of art that tells the tale of a youngster who experiences a range of intense emotions throughout his life. The dystopian tale centers on the psychotic adolescent Alex, who is found guilty of the abhorrent rape and murder atrocities. Alex enrolls in a government experiment program in an effort to have his sentence shortened, but things do not go as planned. Alex returns helpless to suffer the same fate as his victims. The two opposites of good and evil, as well as the nature of the mighty, are discussed in the movie.

Someone who loves complex plots and has an appreciation for aesthetic and artistic films, this is a perfect watch. Not only the story but the characters, settings, as well as theme are breathtaking. Well, if you haven’t watched this film, you are missing out on a lot. If you want to watch these incredibly mind blowing films, you will need a good TV service, and for that, we suggest checking out WOW TV Deals at WOW TV has a variety of channels and video on demand options for different genres, and if you love complex and critically acclaimed films, you will most certainly find them in the content list.

2. Vanilla Sky


Vanilla Sky is a psychological suspense film with hints of romance, science fiction, as well as crime. The acting of Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Penelope Cruise makes the movie entertaining to watch. The story revolves around the protagonist of the film David Aames, a publishing tycoon, who sustains facial scars as a result of a car accident. His life is altered by the event, and he begins to doubt his current reality. The movie is quite difficult to understand, and it frequently requires more than one viewing to get its true meaning. Once you fully get the film, it will astound you and stay with you for days.

3. Fight Club


Brad Pitt and Ed Nortan feature in the cult film Fight Club. The movie initially bombed at the box office, but it is now a widespread triumph. The character of Norton, a sad insomniac who feels alienated from his surroundings, is discussed throughout the film. Norton begins attending support groups out of desperation to put an end to his emptiness and to feel something. When Norton first meets Tyler, he finds his “I don’t care” attitude to be highly motivating. The movie is satirical, condemns consumerist behavior, and features excellent language which also condemns consumerist behavior.

The film is a wake-up call for individuals who are too caught up in the materialism of today’s world. The storyline and direction of the film are excellent, and the photography, music, and dialogue are all top-notch. You are missing out on a classic if you haven’t seen “Fight Club” yet.

4. Shutter Island

The plot of Shutter Island centers on two US Marshals who look into the disappearance of a killer from the mental hospital. The mental asylum is located on a deserted wind spread island where all the mentally challenged criminals are housed. The film targets the audience’s senses and is full of twists and turns. It is enjoyable and nicely demonstrates the breadth of the human imagination. You will undoubtedly be astonished and taken aback by the conclusion given all the jigsaw pieces and the suspense. So, if you enjoy films that blow your mind with the cinematography and have a super complex and suspenseful plot at the same time, Shutter Island is the movie for you.

5. The film 2001: A Space Odyssey


The film 2001: A Space Odyssey features excellent camera work, imaginative set design, and spectacular effects. The picture, which was years ahead of its time, is among Stanley Kubrick’s best to date. The narrative takes us on a trip of human evolution in addition to being based on science fiction. The most basic tool in the movie is a human bone, and it changes to one of the most sophisticated and sophisticated tools in the movie, a spaceship. Some critics claim that the film is extremely complex because it lacks an explanation and has a lot of language.

The film’s quiet and breathtaking yet calming cinematography, though, are what truly make it beautiful. Up until the final 30 minutes, when the film becomes increasingly intricate, the plot is largely straightforward. 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the most exquisite, subtly complicated, complex, and yet simple films ever made in Stanley Kubrick’s career. The film has the potential to blow you away with its simple complexity.

6. Inception


One of the most popular and complicated films of all time is Inception. The film transports you on an emotional rollercoaster with outstanding cinematography. Dom Cobb, a high-end criminal, has a staff that aids him in entering victims’ thoughts so he can take what matters most to them—their ideas. People experience a rollercoaster of emotions as a result of the complex plot. You will like the movie and will need to pay close attention to fully comprehend it due to the mind-blowing storyline, stunning visuals, and intriguing premise. If you enjoy sophisticated movies with a dash of romance, science fiction, and action, but have not seen this gem yet, you should stop putting it off.

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Drama, romance, science fiction, and even a little bit of humor may all be found in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The movie stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet and is both sci-fi and romance. The story revolves around two lovers who, when their relationship deteriorates, delete each other from their memories. The movie explores the complexity of the human psyche in addition to being romantic. The film also shows us that having your memories wiped is not always a smart idea. What we love about this film is the fact that even though it is science fiction, it is beautifully romantic.

8. Donnie Darko


A depressed youngster named Donnie Darko sees a man named Frank who is dressed as a rabbit in the movie Donnie Darko. Donnie commits a number of crimes because Frank is in her head. Even if the movie is terrible, it still makes us feel a range of emotions, including hope, despair, love, laughter, and tears. Like some other movies, Donnie Darko is extremely complicated and necessitates multiple viewings in order for you to fully comprehend what is happening.

Final Thoughts

The movies that have been discussed above are very sophisticated and complex. You are obviously missing out if you haven’t seen any of these. So watch these movies right away because they will definitely alter the way you see the world.