How to Play 75-Ball Bingo Like a Pro

Bingo is a very popular and simple game of chance, and no skills or knowledge are required to play online bingo. Its roots go all the way to Italy, where it was a part of the national lottery. Given its popularity, it soon started spreading to neighboring countries like France, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe in the 18th century. Soon after, the whole world started playing.

How did they play back then?


The rules have always been simple. Players used to connect the numbers stated in a different order on paper cards. The host pulls the numbers randomly, and when the player manages to connect all numbers in a single line, he yells Bingo! Notifying everyone that the game is over, the winner has been found.

Generally, there are two types of cards, one with 5×5 fields (for the version with 75 balls mainly played in the US), one with a 9×3 pattern, or the British style 90-ball bingo.

In this article, we’ll concentrate on the 75-ball version, stating all the ways one can play as a pro.

1. First, choose a house to register in

First, you need to find a suitable and safe one. This you’ll do by conducting a little research on what other experienced players think about certain platforms, and according to the region you live in. For example, players from Canada can find safe platforms to register on .

Choose a platform that offers exclusive promotions and exciting bonuses. Many sites offer a sign-up or welcome bonus. The site matches your first deposit up to a limited amount. Some sites also offer a no deposit bonus. Some terms and conditions apply though, for example playing at least 100 times before you can withdraw, etc.

After registering, the player usually buys bingo cards for a specific game during which balls are drawn, the total number of which depends on the type of bingo game, in this case, you’re choosing 75. All you need to do is simply follow the draw and mark the drawn numbers on the ticket. Keep in mind you have no possibility to influence the outcome.

With online bingo, it is even simpler because the drawn numbers on purchased tickets are automatically marked, with the most successful tickets being displayed at the top of the screen. So, in this case, all that is required of you is to monitor.

2. Choose the room you wish to play in, according to the prize


Online bingo is played in the so-called bingo rooms. Each house has multiple bingo rooms, which usually differ in game type and prize size. Although there is usually only one game played in a particular room, the prize amount, the ticket price, and the number of maximum tickets usually change for each individual game. Some games have special features or promotions, special jackpots, prizes, etc. Some houses also have mixed rooms where several types of games are played alternately. So, you can choose to play 75 balls, and 90 at the same time.

3. Lobby is the place from which you choose the room

So, after you’ve completed the registration process, you will first go to the so-called lobby. This is the place from which you choose where to go further – the room, and the type of the game.  If you know a particular room by the name, here you can find it by using the search engine. All information about when is the next game starting, what is the prize, the prices of tickets, the maximum number you can purchase, how high is the jackpot, how many players you’ll be facing, and everything else that may interest you. How will you choose your game, depends on many factors, such as your expectations, financial factors, and so on.

4. More cards, more chances to win


By now you must be wondering if there is a way to increase your chances of winning, given the fact that the game outcome depends on the luck factor. The answer is that there are a few tricks you can use for this purpose. First, always choose a room with not many players, and tries to play with as many cards as possible. Naturally, more players will choose the room with the higher prize, but this should not be your number one criteria. Your experience in the game also depends on the chat options, design, and other things.

Finally, there are a couple of more things pro players like to have in mind when choosing where to play.

  • One of those is how fair a website treats its players. Online sites use random number generators to guarantee integrity. Game results are completely random. You can read more details about a fair play on the FAQ pages. The biggest and most famous online casinos are licensed and the license is publicly listed on their website.
  • Choose an online platform that offers the possibility of depositing and withdrawing money in a way that is verified and that suits you best. The big casinos offer a wide range of options, and it’s up to you to choose the most suitable one for your habits.
  • When gambling online, you may need to contact the support team for advice or to ask a question. The customer support options offered can be as simple as an email contact form. They can be via live chat, phone, or even snail mail. It is important they are accessible.

It is also possible to play online bingo without being constantly in front of a computer screen, so cards for your favorite game can be bought in advance, which is usually possible from the lobby of the house. At the same time, the player can choose the one he wants to play on the daily schedule of games and buy the desired number of cards for it. This especially makes sense considering the varying price of the bingo cards and the value of the prizes.