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Bestseller No. 1
Radiant Barrier Insulation Roll RadiantGUARD Xtreme Heavy Duty Reinforced Attic Foil Insulation 1000...
  • #1 Reason to Choose RadiantGUARD Xtreme - VERIFIED QUALITY - Meets & Exceeds ASTM C1313 Radiant Barrier Certification by passing all internationally...
  • Drop attic temps by 30 degrees and lower utility bills year round. Commercial grade - 28 lbs (2-3X heavier than some competitors) highly reflective...
  • DIY install by stapling to the underside of attic roof rafters with staple gun. Don't forget to also install on all vertical exterior walls in attic...
  • Industrialized strength perforated radiant barrier attic insulation is tear and puncture proof. Entire roll cuts easily with utility scissors or hack...
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber free and maintenance free and DOES NOT REQUIRE any special clothing or breathing masks to install unlike spray foam...
Bestseller No. 3
Radiant Barrier Insulation Roll, Reflective Insulation Roll, 1000 Sq Ft (250x4), Double Sided,...
  • 1,000 SQUARE FEET PER ROLL: Our foil insulation roll measures 250 feet in length and is four feet wide. This gives you 1,000 square feet of insulation...
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE: >97% Reflective Value. Double-sided and tear-resistant, our foil’s material is highly reflective to reflect radiant heat rather...
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: It is non-toxic and does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria nor does it provide nesting support for rodents or insects....
  • ASTM COMPLIANT: Meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) fire and smoke safety requirements of most state and local building codes,...
  • SIMPLE HANDLING: Although our reflective foil insulation is strong and mighty enough to properly assist in insulating your desired area, it is also...
Bestseller No. 5
SmartFOIL- 4ft x 125ft Industrial Grade Radiant Barrier 500 sq. ft roll - Attic Foil, House Wrap,...
  • MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL ASTM C1313 STANDARDS - Class A Fire Rating (E84 with E2599 mounting). Corrosion resistance according to D3310 is achieved by a...
  • INDUSTRIAL / COMMERCIAL GRADE - SmartFOIL Radiant Barrier is TEAR & PUNCTURE PROOF, but you can easily cut it with utility scissors. Both sides...
  • PAYS FOR ITSELF - by reducing heating cost in winter and cooling cost in summer. Blocks 95% heat radiating from the underside of a hot roof. Save big...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - in existing homes or new constructions, by stapling to the bottom of rafters and over attic floor. Frequently used as House Wrap for...
  • 500 SQUARE FEET ROLL - 4 feet x 125 feet BREATHABLE, PERFORATED, DOUBLE-SIDED, REINFORCED Engineered Foil radiant barrier.
Bestseller No. 6
US Energy Products Radiant Barrier Insulation 1000 sqft (4ft Wide) Commercial Grade Perforated No...
  • 1000sqft (4ft x 250ft) NASA TECH Industrial Grade Perforated No Tear Green Energy Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation Solar Attic Foil Roof Attic...

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Q: Why choose radiantguard® Ultima-foil radiant barrier?

A: Our RadiantGUARD ® Ultima-foil radiant barrier reflects 97% of the radiant heat making them FAR SUPERIOR to any heat reflective paint and are much easier to install than a radiant barrier spray making the installation an easy DIY job.

Q: How does radiantguard Ultima work?

A: Traditional insulations like blown-in cellulose or fiberglass batt insulations only absorb and slow down the movement of heat. RadiantGUARD Ultima reflects 97% of the radiant heat away. Using two common properties of aluminum, HIGH reflectivity and LOW emissivity, RadiantGUARD radiant barriers are much more effective at blocking radiant heat.

Q: How do radiantguard radiant barriers work?

A: Using two common properties of aluminum, HIGH reflectivity and LOW emissivity, RadiantGUARD radiant barriers are much more effective at blocking radiant heat. When an air space exists between our Ultima radiant barrier and a heat source, it will REFLECT 97% of the heat back towards the heat source.

Q: Why choose Ultima-foil block?

A: Our Ultima-FOIL BLOCKS 97% making it better and less costly that paint. With the rise in popularity of radiant barrier insulation, there has been an influx of products marketed under the term radiant barrier paint that are designed to be sprayed on the underside of the roof decking in the attic.