5 Ways to Tell if Real Money Online Casinos Are Fake or Legit

Online casinos are everywhere. There’s a frenzy surrounding them, and it feels like every day a new one pops out. It probably does. While this is amazing in one way, it is worrisome in another. Why? Well, while the majority of big online casinos are practically safe as they can get, this is not the case with new ones. After all, the internet is a place where most scams are born these days. So why risk it, you ask? Why exchange an old trusted casino for a one just appearing on the market?

Well, we’re all players, aren’t we? Players play, and we want to be treated like kings. Established casinos already have their customer base. And while they’re always seeking ways to attract new players, they’re not as generous as new establishments. Players want to have access to welcome bonuses, free spins, and everything else that a new org brings to the game. This is why new casinos will always have old guards visiting them, seeing ways to take advantage of the new opportunities. But even if you’re familiar with all the dangers the web holds, you can be trapped by a shady casino.

We all want to avoid unpleasantries of this kind, and it can be achieved. It requires being extra careful and to know a few things in advance. If you don’t know how to tell a difference between a true gambling establishment and a pretender worry not. This article is here to help you. In a few short paragraphs below we are going to show you the five ways to tell a difference between fake and legit establishments. After all, when the money is involved you need to be able to fend for yourself. Not every place on the web is going, to be honest as https://www.bestusacasinosites.com/real-money-casinos/

1. No Licensing

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Online casinos boomed but rules and laws regulate their existence and operations. Many countries still don’t allow gambling so any site that works in their field is illegal from its inception. Even in countries where online gambling is flourishing, there are licenses that every casino needs to have to operate. Depending on where you live you need to investigate which licensees apply to casinos in your country. So, once you visit an online establishment, and you can’t find licensing anywhere, it is a sign that something shady is going on. Casinos usually have these stand out on their websites as a sign that they’re running a legit business. It’s how things should be.

2. Shady Registrations Routines

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If you are a registered user at an online casino once, you’re familiar with the methods. Registration is a necessity by giving some of your data. The first time it is needed is when you’re registering. The second time it’s needed when you’re making the first deposit. This is the common approach. Most casinos have a two-way verification, which consists of providing a name, address, and bank account number. All of this data is administered only once and via an encrypted security system. Once this is done, there will be no more inquiries on this subject. But, when a casino is not running an honest business they’ll ask for this data multiple times, and they even try to accept your data outside the encrypted paths. If you encounter this, you need to turn around straight away. That’s the only way to exit the situation without some serious identity or financial crisis.

3. Non-Existing Terms& Conditions

If a casino is legit they will bore their players to death with terms and conditions. This is how the world of online casinos works. All players will, at one point in time, receive a copy of these documents. They’re seen as rules that both players and the house need to obey for their relationship to function. Yes, it’s a two-way street.

If you’re interested in knowing the T&C before registering they should be available on the home page of every valid casino. If you can’t find them you should assume one thing – there are no terms and conditions. If you proceed anyway, you can expect only bad things to happen. That’s the situation in every lawless state.

4. Limited Paying Options

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Talking about casinos, one thing is for sure – there are going to be plenty of money transactions. Casinos take great pride in the number of options they leave to their players in this domain. These days you can pay the deposit via credit card, debit card, PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, or even by using cryptocurrency. There are probably more ways but we can’t remember them at this moment. So, what happens when a house only offers one form of paying? Well, this is probably because they are looking for something else and not only for new players. If they’re only allowing payments via credit card it’s evident that they want your data from this card. If they’re only accepting Bitcoin payments it means they’re after your crypto. There isn’t a single casino in the world that runs a legit operation and it provides only one way of depositing to players. It’s a scam and you should be careful.

5. Speed of Operations

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The universe of games of luck is a quick one. Everything moves as fast as the fruits on pokies. Passionate players are ready to deposit cash to play and to do it rapidly. They can start small and increase their deposits if things are going wrong in the gambling department, they want their money wired quickly so that they can continue playing. But, when they require even more urgency is when they win big prizes.

Most people want to take the money back to their account when they feel that a casino is defeated. Asking for funds to be deposited back to your bank, and it takes longer than expected something is fishy. These transactions are as instant as they can. Depositing money to an online casino happens in a matter of seconds.

Getting the money back, it could take a few hours, or usually a day. But, if it takes longer, and if it is against the T&C, it means that something is wrong. Someone’s trying to fool you. Beware of situations like these.