How to Speed up Your Search for Work – Effective Strategies

Undoubtedly, the search for work can easily start to feel like it is a long and fruitless task. Therefore, you will certainly want to do all you can to ensure it is quicker wherever possible. This will all depend on what sort of areas you are applying for, but it is also worth bearing in mind that there are also many general steps you can take that will speed things up. With this in mind, here are a few of the best ways of speeding up your search for work.

1. Go Back to Your Network

Go Back to Your Network

While the world is very much one that relies on digital means for finding jobs, there is still a lot to be said for old-fashioned networking approaches. Ultimately, if you know people in the industry, then they will be able to give you leads about job openings that they hear about, whether it is in their own company, or they hear about a position opening up in another.

This way, you are much more likely to put yourself very much in the minds of the people who may well be in charge or recruiting or can put in a good word for you at the very least. It is also worth bearing in mind that you can do some networking at this time. There are events being held all the time – whether online or in person – and it will always be a good idea to get yourself out there as you never really know where it could lead.

2. Get Your Resume in The Best Condition

When people are in a job, they often do not tend to do a great deal with their resume. However, when you seek a new opportunity, it will certainly be worth doing more to get it into the very best possible state. A professional-looking resume should be easy to read on one or two sides of A4 paper.

As well as listing all of the new experiences that you have had, it is also worth bearing in mind that there is likely to be a lot of clutter on the resume that you can start to strip away. After all, there is no point in having a document that is simply too long as people are never going to take the time to wade through it all.

3. Sort out Your Online Profiles

Sort out Your Online Profiles

Running side by side with your resume, you also need to think about your online profiles and the best way that you are going to get these into the very best state. This means that you should be lining up the experience that you have had on your resume with what you put onto your LinkedIn profile. You can also set about tidying up your general online presence to get rid of anything in there that is no longer relevant and anything that has the potential to damage your job search and make a potential employer look differently at you.

4. Focus Your Job Search

Sometimes, people are simply being too broad in their job search, which is why giving it a greater degree of focus may be worthwhile. For example, if you are looking for shipping work, it makes sense to go to a load-board site where you can find work.

While all the general job boards out there may be highly useful, you also need to know exactly how they work, ensuring that you have a list of keywords you are utilizing. At the same time, it may also be useful to set up some alerts as this is going to be a great way of not having to constantly check back on a job board but instead having the work come to you.

5. Be Active Online


There has already been a section about improving your online profiles, but there is also more you can do to stay active online. This means that you should be participating in the conversation. For example, there may be a LinkedIn post that you can comment on and give your input.

Perhaps there is more that can be done in terms of creating your own blog and sharing this with a wider community. Ultimately, it will certainly help to demonstrate that you are active in your field and willing to put yourself out there. You could also look to set up your own website. This may be a useful place to have your portfolio if you are in a creative career of one type or another.

6. Maximizing Resume Impact with Transferable Skills

While your resume might already gleam with job-specific expertise, there’s untapped potential in highlighting transferable skills. These are the versatile champions of your skill set, adept at fitting into multiple scenarios across diverse industries. Think of them as the Swiss army knife in your professional toolkit. For instance, adept communication isn’t just crucial for a sales role; it’s invaluable in team collaborations, client interactions, and presentations across myriad sectors.

However, simply listing these skills isn’t enough. Contextualize them with examples. Did your leadership ability steer a project to success? Or perhaps your adaptability enabled a swift company pivot during challenging times? Concrete instances can enhance your claims and capture an employer’s attention.

In a rapidly evolving job market, where roles merge and industries transform, these transferable skills can be your passport to myriad opportunities. By strategically emphasizing them on your professional-looking resume, you not only showcase your multifaceted value but also open doors to a broader spectrum of roles and industries.

7. Stay Organized in Your Approach

There is also something to be said for staying organized in your approach. For example, you could create a spreadsheet of your own that points towards when you applied for the job, as well as listing the main points of contact. You can then see how many active applications that you have going. There is also something satisfying about knowing that you are staying fully on top of things and do not have to worry about slipping behind.

8. Follow up Where Possible

It is also important that you continue to follow up wherever and whenever you can. This way, you are certainly in a position where you can be fully ready to knock on the door as and when needed.

Often, it is through the act of following up that you are going to be able to get the opportunities. After all, this is a clear reflection to employers that you are well and truly interested in the position and are more than willing to take additional steps that go above and beyond the norm to be able to get it.

All of these are amongst the different steps that you can take that will help quicken your search for work and make it easier to seek out the opportunities you want and need. Ultimately, it all comes down to ensuring that you are always being proactive and making opportunities for yourself rather than simply expecting that they will come your way without much effort.