Underdog Betting Strategy Basics and Tips for Using

When it comes to betting there are all kinds of those we can make. You can bet on the winners, you can bet on losers, the result, the number of fouls, breaks, corners, sets, games, and you generally get the picture. Numerous bets, numerous possibilities it all comes to what you prefer.

Today we will be talking about betting on underdogs, and their basics and we will try and share some tips for using the underdog strategy. What is an underdog in sports betting really? An underdog can be a team or a person that is not expected to win according to those that come up with the odds. When it comes to odds, they should reflect the certainty that odds makers have that a certain team or an individual will most likely lose.

For an instance, a three-point underdog does not have the same level of expectation to lose as a ten-point underdog. According to those odds, the three-point one has much better chances. This only means that the size of the underdog definitely matters and not all underdogs are the same, or not all of them are treated equally.

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One thing that is important to understand before we proceed is that sportsbooks and their way of posting odds are not trying to make a projection or a prediction in any given game. They are there to give a number that will balance action and balance the bets on each side. You are all witnesses that underdogs win all the time which just supports this statement.

When this is a bit clearer and a bit more explained, we will now proceed to the tips and strategies you can use when betting on underdogs, and as always you can check all of those out on the best place for betting – 20bet.

Most of you that want to start betting on the underdogs, mostly because the odds are a bit better and there is a reasonable chance to win a bit more now and then, wonder does it hold up and can it be valuable?

Betting on underdogs has its benefits but it also has its limits. You can have an underdog that you like and you follow with every bet but you also have to be reasonable. You need to know that if the underdog is 3, 5, or 10 points it can hold a bet and its own, but anything more than that is just not realistic and you are wasting your money. None of you wouldn’t take a bag of your cash and throw it in a deep well for no reason right. This is the same case here if there is not even a remote chance that your team might come on top or at least tie the game then there is no reason for burning your cash.

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For those that have strong affection toward a particular underdog, there is a tip for a strategy that proves itself accurate very often. Now, if you want to try this you need to start experimenting with low bets first, and as you become sure and comfortable with this betting strategy you can up your initial wager. What you do is pick your underdog and no matter what the odds are if they are in the realm of realistically, tie yourself to them at least one half. Bet them for an entire half and wait for the result.

The reason behind this is the fact that the crème of the sport almost always comes on top at the later stages and if you bet the underdog for an entire game you will lose. This way you are all in with them for one half, and if things pan out great if not you got the whole other half to play on the expected winners. If you plan on having a certain amount of bet, try splitting it half and half, or 75% and 25% and go both ways when testing this.

Another strategy and a tip we can give you talks about betting underdogs the first week of any competition for any sport you wager on. Most of those teams are fresh, starting, they are willing to prove themselves, they can take almost anyone you throw at them and they know their first matches so you know that they prepared well for that first game or that first week. This is where the odds are big on both the big dogs and the underdogs but there is slightly more chance for the underdogs to come on top with very good odds you can pick up on them. Again, be reasonable with your wagering and again utilize the previous strategy and try for half and a half and see how that pans out.

The third tip would be to never go for a team that is down one loss and that should be “angry and willing”. Most of us get an underdog or a big dog team that is down one game and that is now supposedly going to crush the next one just because they are angry. Watch for those types of games and those types of odds because they are neither realistic nor should be chased after. You never know how angry or will the other team and you never know the moral of your dog or underdog team that lost their first opening game. There are too many factors that are pretty difficult to explain, follow and predict.

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Last but not least thing when betting the underdogs is to know your team well. Know their routines, their line-ups, how they practice, what they practice and most importantly know their play style. If you have an aggressive team that is considered an underdog in most cases and they are playing a pretty passive team that is considered to baa a big dog team, play your team always, if the odds and chances are in the region of reason and reality, definitely go for your underdog team or individual.

Sports bets are easy to understand and the reason for that is the fact that there is always a favorite or a big dog and the underdog. Most of us like money and we bet on the favorites while others like the underdogs and the prospect of investing little and winning big. If you are an underdog type of betting guy great just know you will have to do more research and a lot more combos if you want to make your investment worthwhile. Underdogs are no reason to run from a bet and we are telling you that there is something to these you just need to approach it carefully.

As always gamble smart and responsible and best of luck to you all!