The Jailer Strategy and Tips for Sepulcher of the First Ones

Playing WoW is one of the most entertaining ways to have fun. But, some people want to achieve more than that. They want to get involved in the eSports world. Because of that, they want to regularly improve their abilities and knowledge and raise their chances of achieving some big goal.

In this article, we will share some Jailer strategy and tips for Sepulcher of the First ones. There are many pieces of information we will have to explain. So, it would be good to start from the very beginning. Let’s go!

Short Overview of The Jailer

We will put into consideration that you may be a beginner. Because of that, we will primarily explain what The Jailer actually is. It is an encounter that contains three different phases. In the first phase, which is known under the name Domination, Here, your task is to do whatever it takes to avoid the domination of the boss. Phase two is also known as Unholy Attunement. The players in this phase have the obligation to turn the pylons in the encounter area. They will have to do that while playing against other players that are on the same mission. Finally, the third part that all players need to pass through is Eternity’s End. With your raid, you will have to keep Azeroth alive and resist the efforts of the Jailer to dominate the area.

Now, after we explained everything, it would probably be good to move to the main point. There are a couple of tips we would like to share for each of these phases. We are sure you will manage to improve your skills after reading the remaining part of the article. Let’s go!

Tips for the Phase One


Whatever you do in life, the first steps are always the toughest ones. Of course, some people may have different experiences. But, beginners will certainly struggle the most to pass the first phase. It is the most demanding and there are five tips in total we would like to share with you here.

First and foremost, most people make a mistake in moments when Martyrdom is cast. The wisest thing you should do at that moment is to stay somewhere near the tank. That way, you will protect yourself from knocking into a well. Apart from that, there is also another thing that you have to avoid doing. During the Chains of Oppression, some people are trying to be brave. But, there is no reason for that. Whenever you see the boss, just run away from him. You are still not skilled enough to do anything else except that. So, we strongly recommend you remember these two pieces of advice the next time you enter the game.

There are three more things you need to pay attention to in phase one. One of them is also related to hiding. In some moment, the Relentless Domination will be cast. In those moments, you do not have other options than to hide behind a pylon. You will protect yourself from any potential damage that could occur. Because of that, don’t experiment with things, especially if you are a beginner.

It is also recommendable that you use Torment to spread out. Doing that will only raise your chances of passing stage one with no consequences. In the end, the Rune of Damnation, as you know, will be close to expiring at some moment. Well, in those cases, you should simply jump into a pylon conduit.

As you see, most of the things are about hiding in phase one. But, don’t expect something like that is going to make the game monotonous. On the contrary, you will experience a high level of adrenaline when applying all the tips we highlighted in the previous text.

Tips for Phase Two

The suggestions for phase two are a bit shorter. However, that doesn’t mean the tasks you have are going to be easier. They may seem that way because you will boost your self-confidence after passing phase one. So, let’s see what exactly you should do to ensure yourself a comfortable gaming experience.

In phase two, some of the pylons are going to be under the impact of Unholy Attunement. Your only chance to survive is to stay away from them as much as you can. Apart from that, Deimator also affects certain zones in this part of the game. It may happen that the players get knocked in a well. To prevent that from happening, simply avoid those zones and ensure a high level of safety in the end.

The third piece of advice is probably the simplest one to understand. At some moment of the game, your task will be to move out of the Tomenting Echo. The question is – how to do that? Well, the solution is simpler than you could imagine. All you have to do is to spread out for the Toment explosion. Believe it or not, that’s everything we have to say.

As you see, phase two is not as demanding as the previous one. But, don’t expect things to be easy. In some cases, people need a lot more time to pass through this phase.

Tips for Phase Three


The third phase is the moment when the action starts. There are a lot more movements you will have to make to reach the goal that you have. There is no longer hiding from the boss or avoiding stuff. At least, that won’t exist in a way that existed in the previous two stages. So, what exactly should players do?

First of all, when Desolation is cast, don’t run away from the boss. On the contrary, you should stand in front of him. Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that some of our teammates will have the Dominanting Will ability. You should strive to stand near them as much as you can. Thanks to the skills they have, they will manage to heal whenever they experience damage. If you are near them, you will manage to absorb that ability.

There are two more things that you should have in mind. First and foremost, there is no reason to stand in Defile. There is no exception for that because you can only get hurt. Apart from that, Chains of Anguish can tether the tank. When something like that happens, simply run away from the tank around 30 yards.


We do know that some of the tips that we listed above may seem confusing. Applying them can be even more difficult. Because of that, it can be good to use every possible assistance that can help you pass all the phases easily. You can, for instance, purchase the Jailer boost. For more information, check WoW Boost.

Now when we made everything clear, you can relax and enjoy the game to the fullest! We wish you good luck!