How To Use Math To Get Rich At Online Pokies

As an experienced casino player, many new visitors might have asked you the slot machine tricks. They plan to do it thinking that it would help them win big over there. There is no clear answer to the trick behind various casino games and machines, but once you learn the working of these machines, you can end up winning massive hits.

The casino setup is such that it includes some tricks, some maths, and of course, the player’s luck. These things can help people increase their probability of winning significantly at online pokies.

So, is there any ‘code’ one needs to crack to win big?

No, no codes will help you win big or beat the odds for a bumper prize. However, you can turn to some basic mathematical skills to understand the working and enhance your chances of winning big.

Decoding Maths And Getting Rich At Online Portals

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There is a connection between casino games and maths that dates back to the 16th century. Have you heard the name – Gerolamo Cardano? He was a polymath from Itlay. He has a gambling manual that is written under his name and it was written sometime near the 16th century only.

He had navigated and reached out to a statement that gambling works like a sample space that is home to the possibility of various events. He highlighted that if you take a pair of dice, it will present 36 different outcomes but only once, and both have the number 6 on each. The concept is known as the probability theory.

The concept has risen since then. Now, the mathematical concept offers better rewards to different players, and this trick is widely accepted and applied. Poker players worldwide explore the probability world and apply the tricks while playing online poker. The probability rule is applicable in the following:

  • The players want to assess the degree of risk prevailing during continuous betting.
  • The probability theory helps in calculating the expected value in the game
  • It also helps keep a check on the volatility index and the gameplay duration.

The trends are high in online poker and blackjack. But, if you are trying to apply the tricks on online pokies to be played with real money, the outcome might not be as expected. Also, while applying the probability theorem, ensure that you are on a trusted place like

Use Of Mathematical Tricks In Online Pokie Gambling

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Poker is not a cake walk no matter the number of patterns you remember or count cards using an excessive number of strategies. However, owing to the uncertainty of the internet world and the game algorithms that game developers have set, there is no single strategy or mathematical equation that will help you win big.

There is no way to crack the random gaming generator and win hefty jackpots.

But, once you understand the patterns and statistics, you can position yourself for a better win. Also, you can use the patterns to know the payout of games and the frequency degree of the game, and you can expect a better jackpot. Here are 4 heads under which maths will help you bag a better win through online pokies.


RTP stands for return-to-player. It is considered by gamblers all across the world while picking the online game. You need to know that the RTP is responsible for determining the percentage followed by the degree of winning jackpots and prizes on various kinds of selected online pokies.

If you are planning to apply the single mathematical rule of probability, you will know if the game has a higher RTP. also, In this case, the odds of winning are high. However, it would help if you still had a mathematical edge like decision-making competence to enhance your probability of winning it big on online portals.


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RNG stands for a random number generator. The online games have the RNG that is working at the back while the player works at the front segment. RNG stands for an algorithm that works like the deciding factor that the poker spin will help to win or lose.

They are a part of online pokies that recreate scenarios belonging to the real world. The algorithms are complex; hence, you need some skills that will help you decode n number of winning possibilities for online players.


Online pokies will either make you starve for the chances of a successful win or will help you get jackpots that you would have never thought about. In some circumstances, you might win something that is neither good nor bad.

Variance in the game stands for profit rate measure. It helps to find its relation with the game’s risk. The games belong to medium variance; hence, you have a better chance owing to the balance between the win rates and player payout.

So, the trick is simple. The rare win probability is high if you opt for a gig with a lower variance. So, it’s more of a try and test followed by some probability and not to forget the luck factor.

Hit Frequencies

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Maths and decision-making processes are helpful with hit frequency, too. The first thing to know is that hit frequencies differ from the RTP. The former relates to the ratio of the spins that are missed and the winning ones in slots. The frequency for some is high, but you may not get the same amount in return compared to your bet.

If you want a hit frequency, you should add all the possible wins against each spin. Ensure that your calculations are straightforward, and do not forget to consider the pokie symbols followed by the pay lines.

You can also do some calculations to know how the machine works. So, let’s take an example to understand this. You need to check if the slot count matches in both directions; that is, it is moving from the right direction to the left direction and vice versa. If this is happening, you can double the pay lines.


Apart from these, you should also apply some mathematical skills to your poker budget. Keep track so that you opt for the best and the most innovative way to bet and win the maximum benefit. Also, don’t stress out. The game is suitable to set an entertaining tone for you and not give you any tension.