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SaleBestseller No. 1
VetriScience Vetri Disc Spine and Back Support Formula with Chondroitin for Dogs - Joint Health and...
  • Vetri Disc combines bovine tracheal cartilage with amino acids, mineral sulfates, vitamins, pepsin, and horsetail rush (Equisetum arvense) to support...
  • Bovine tracheal cartilage is a rich source of chondroitin sulfates which comprise the connective tissue matrix and are found in an especially high...
  • Taurine and horsetail rush are necessary for the synthesis of connective tissue while minerals like calcium and magnesium support bone growth and...
  • Zinc is necessary for tissue respiration and plays a key role in the body’s healing process. Amino acids such as serine link the glycosaminoglycan...
Bestseller No. 2
Vetrx Poultry Aid, 2 fl.oz
  • 100 natural
  • Effective relief and prevention from respiratory diseases
  • Fights against colds roup scaly legs amp eye worm
  • For all standard and rare poultry chickens turkeys Bantams Ducks geese and game birds
  • 2 fl oz
Bestseller No. 3
VETRISCIENCE - Cardio Strength, Cardiovascular and Circulatory Support Supplement for Dogs and Cats,...
  • Cardio Strength is designed to support heart muscles, reduce oxidative stress, and support cardiovascular functions.
  • Cardio Strength combines the synergistic effects of 11 ingredients that are vital for elderly dogs and cats. Recommended to support cardiovascular and...
  • VetriScience Cardio Strength is formulated under the supervision of our veterinary review board to ensure the best selection of high quality...
  • Recommended for dogs and cats with pre-existing suboptimal cardiovascular functions, breeds of dogs and cats that are predisposed to cardiovascular...
  • Cardio Strength is also available for dogs in a bite-size Chew form. VetriScience supplements are manufactured in the USA.
Bestseller No. 4
Vetericyn All-in Senior Mobility Plus Supplement. Overall Health and Vitality Multivitamin with Bone...
  • MORE THAN JUST A MULTIVITAMIN: Clinically designed with natural ingredients to support the key biological needs of senior dogs, promoting healthy...
  • BONE & JOINT MOBILITY: your dog’s comfort is important, ALL-IN has a patented complex created to help with age-related mobility issues and relieve...
  • FULL SPECTRUM DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Healthy dogs have healthy digestive systems, ALL-IN’s bioQule digestive complex designed to give your dog the best...
  • IMMUNE AND CELLULAR SUPPORT: Antioxidants to help fight off disease and specific vitamins and minerals to give your dog a strong immune system.
  • OVERALL HEALTH FOR EVERY VITAL ORGAN: ALL-IN also has targeted ingredients to support a healthy skin and coat, brain, and heart to ensure every part...

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Q: What is the difference between the vetrolaser and vetrored?

A: The three diode infrared Vetrolaser (808nm/300mW) can penetrate up to 2 inches and is ideal for treating deep tissues such as tendons, muscles, and joints. The six diode VetroRed laser penetrates 1cm and is the wavelength recommended for treating wounds and wire cuts.

Q: How deep does a vetrolaser laser penetrate?

A: In short, tissue penetration. The three diode infrared Vetrolaser (808nm/300mW) can penetrate up to 2 inches and is ideal for treating deep tissues such as tendons, muscles, and joints. The six diode VetroRed laser penetrates 1cm and is the wavelength recommended for treating wounds and wire cuts.

Q: What is a vetrolaser cold laser?

A: The Vetrolaser is the most affordable infrared cold laser on the market today. This limited special price makes it even more affordable. We don’t often have specials on cold lasers, but when we do they are bought up within the first hour or two of the listing.

Q: How many diodes are in a vetrolaser?

A: Results may vary. The Vetrolaser is a cold laser featuring three 808nm diodes (infrared). Total output is 300mW. Note: Before using or buying any therapy equipment for your animal, or administering any treatment, you should consult with a licensed veterinarian first.