6 Weirdest Gambling Superstitions People Use Every Day

Every person in the world has something they believe in, and when it comes to superstitions, even the largest skeptics have some habit that is more of superstition rather than anything else.

All of this gets even more interesting when talking about games of chance, as this is a true inspiration and our imagination just runs wild. Knowing this, it’s nothing unusual that so many people have some ritual or believe in some myth that will bring them luck, which is also why we gathered some of the most popular and bizarre ones.

1. Just roll the dice

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Even though this is just a habit for many people, you would be surprised by the number of people rally believing that blowing the dice will bring them luck. Yes, having lady luck by your side is always preferable, but this is no way to find it. Of course, the superstition doesn’t end here, as most people believe that a woman must be the one in charge of blowing the dice, and in case you actually win afterward, then buying her a drink is a must in order to keep the good fortune.

On the other hand, it’s all about feeling comfortable and relaxed while gambling, and if this is something that works for you, then go ahead, just don’t be stubborn and believe how it is about luck and admit that it’s just a habit.

2. Just scratch your palm

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Now this one is not only restricted to gambling as in most of the world, and if someone has an itchy palm, it is a clear sign they will win some money, and soon. Of course, some instantly tend to buy a lottery ticket, wager on some sporting event, or go to the nearest casino, as if our palm is itching, then the money must be in our way. The only thing that differs regarding this myth is the hand, as in some parts of the world, it can be a bad or a good sign, and in most countries, if the left palm is itching, then it’s a good fortune, but if it is the right one, then you will lose money.

The superstition doesn’t end here, as, in some regions, all that matters is the itchy palm, regardless of the hand, which is probably the best solution to this problem. Overall it is just a myth, and if your palm is itching, just scratch it, as it surely doesn’t mean how you must visit some casino or place some bet instantly.

3. Just find a position that you feel most comfortable in

We all have certain habits and things we do with our hands or legs when we are enjoying our time, but also when we are nervous. The same is with casino games, and depending on the game, we all have certain gestures and gesticulations, or even a position that “helps” us win.

Understandably, there is no real proof to support these claims, but it’s nothing unusual to see a person crossing their legs when playing slots or not sitting in a chair as it is bad luck or slightly bent over while expecting the next card from the dealer.

4. Avoid whistling

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Many people have, for some of us sympathetic, but for others annoying habit of whistling their favorite melody while doing something. Once whistling becomes a habit, it can be difficult not to do that all the time, as most people are not even aware of it, but it should be avoided in casinos.

The myth about whistling dates back to the time of the pirates and sailors, and they believed that it would bring strong winds that could endanger their lives. Today people believe that whistling can bring bad luck, but it is more likely that you will be kicked off the casino because it can annoy other players.

5. Do not forget to wear something red

In most cultures, red is a color of good luck and fortune, and most of us probably have heard that it is necessary to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve in order to have a successful year.

Well, this superstition does not end here, and people from around the world believe that wearing red in a casino will help them leave with a lot of money. Although there is no proof this strategy is effective, it is not difficult to try, so choose to wear something red next time you visit a casino, and who knows, maybe you will win some money.

6. Find a four-leaf clover

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There is something magical about Ireland, leprechauns, and the rainbow, and it is impossible not to think about green color and cloves when someone mentions this amazing country. But, keep in mind that not all cloves are magical, and in order to have luck whatever you do, it is necessary to find the four-leaf one and keep it near you. It is a popular lucky charm worldwide, and thanks to the belief behind it, people use it when gambling and hope it will work and help them win big prizes.

We can find cloves with various numbers of leaves, each of them has its meaning, and the meaning of the fourth one is luck, which is the reason why it is so popular around the world.

Final thoughts

As you can see, people believe in various things and hope they will bring them enough luck to win some money when playing their favorite games in casinos. None of them are proven effective, but there is nothing wrong with believing in magic and the power of good luck, so why not try some of them.

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