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Bestseller No. 1
X10 Wireless Base Transceiver Module (RR501)
  • Converts RF signals to X10 commands
  • Built-in appliance module
  • Controls up to 16 X10 receivers
  • Sends status reports over the power line
  • Plugs into a standard power outlet
Bestseller No. 2
X10 PRO PAT03 16 Channel Transceiver
  • New Amplifier
  • More powerful and reliable signal than PAT01
  • Comes with AGC ( Automatic Gain Control)
  • Control lights and appliances
  • Works with handheld wireless remote controllers
Bestseller No. 3
X10 LM465 Lamp Control Module
  • Works with any X10 plug-in controller
  • Enables X10 remote control for a plug-in light
  • Module plugs into standard power outlet
  • Controls incandescents up to 300W
  • Requires TM751 Transmitter. Lamp plugs into the module
Bestseller No. 4
X10 PAT01 16 Channel Transceiver
  • Converts Radio Frequency signals from X10 PRO wireless controllers such as the PHR04 , PHW04D, and PHR03 to X10 control signals.
  • Included: (1) X-10 Pro 16 Channel Transceiver.
Bestseller No. 5
X10 XPFM Inline Receiver Module
  • Controls a hard-wired fixture up to 15A
  • Supports incandescent lighting fixtures or inductive loads
  • Mounts in the fixture or a J box
  • Responds to ON/OFF and ALL ON/OFF commands
Bestseller No. 6
X-10 Pro In-Wall Transmitter Base, XPT Series
  • X10 PRO Standard Transmitter Base
SaleBestseller No. 7
X10 XPR-W Duplex Receptacle Module both Outlets Controlled
  • Both outlets respond to on/off X10 commands
  • Enables remote control for two plug-in appliances
  • Each outlet supports up to 20A
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Color: White
Bestseller No. 8
X10 Plug-In Universal Module (UM506)
  • Use this module control low voltage devices such as sprinkler systems, drapery controls, garage door openers, and yard lighting. It can be set for...
Bestseller No. 9
X10 PA011 Half-Switched Duplex Receptacle - Receiver
  • Works with X-10 Controllers & Timers
  • Replaces existing wall outlet - No special wiring!
  • Top outlet is X10 controlled, Bottom outlet is always on
  • The SuperSocket Module gives you great X10 control: it responds to ON/OFF and ALL UNITS OFF but controlled devices may still be turned off and on with...
Bestseller No. 10
X-10 Security Remote Control KR10A
Bestseller No. 11
X-10 Door/Window Sensor DS10A
  • Self-checking for professional reliability
  • Longer range and longer battery life than the standard door/window sensor.
  • Great add-on to our Protector Plus Security System
SaleBestseller No. 12
X10 PRO Smart RF Repeater Module (SR751)
  • Can greatly extend the range of the X10 Security Devices (Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, etc) with proper placement
  • Extends the range of X10 Hand Remotes like the HR12a and KR19A
  • Has a Passthrough so you dont use up an outlet
  • Any X10 unit that operates via RF Frequency can benefit from the Smart Repeater. This can be any Wireless Controller or X10 Wireless Security...
Bestseller No. 13
X10 Pro Companion (Slave) Switch for 3 Way Applications
  • Slave Switch for the X10 Pro XPD Dimmer Switches
  • Slave Switch for the X10 Pro XPS Switches
  • Color: Includes both White and Ivory
  • Wallplate not included
SaleBestseller No. 14
SaleBestseller No. 15
X-10 Security Motion Detector Model MS10A
  • Greater range & battery life than the SP554A Motion Detector!
  • Long Range: Senses motion in a 40 ft. range in a 90° arc
  • Easily switch between 1-or 2-pulse count for sensitivity control.
  • Extremely easy to install – no new wiring of your home & no security technician is needed
  • Works great with Protector PLUS Voice Dialer Security System
Bestseller No. 16
X-10 Voice Dialer Security Console (Base Only) - Model PS561
  • X10 Powerhouse brand Security System Console - Model number PS561 (Base Console Only)
  • No contracts or monthly monitoring fees. Replace your old one or custom build your own wireless security system.
  • Add another housecode to an existing X10 system or use it in place of a transceiver module. Easy installation without tools or wiring! Simply plug it...
  • Comes complete with the owners manual, 9 volt battery (for backup), phone line cord, phone line splitter, and earpiece (used for hearing the message...
  • When triggered it flashes X10 controlled lights, sounds a built-in 95dB siren and optional remote Powerhorn sirens, and calls up to 4 phone numbers.
Bestseller No. 17
X10 SC503 Plug-In Maxi Controller
  • Controls 16 devices on one house code
  • On/Off, Dim/Bright, All Lights On /All Off
  • Attractive wood grain finish with black trim (SC503)
  • Flip-up transparent smoke tinted cover
  • Compatible with all X10 Devices (Sold Separately)
Bestseller No. 18
X10 PUM01 Universal Module/Receiver
  • Use Your X10 System to Control Low-Voltage Devices!
  • Unlock the door for your kids without getting out of your seat
  • Keep your lawn green and healthy with automatic sprinkler control
  • Close the garage door without stepping outside
Bestseller No. 19
X10 Camera Video Receiver, No Sound (Model VR36A)
  • Transmit Video anywhere in your home (No Sound)
  • Easily view video on multiple TV's
  • RF signal transmits within 100 ft range
  • Compact, unobtrusive design

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