7 Tips for Dealing With Assignment Deadline Pressure

Writing essays, scientific, and other papers usually sounds much easier than it actually is. Basically, it’s not as difficult and complicated as it is important to make a good plan before you get into action, and of course, to start preparations on time. What does time mean? For some, the preparation lasts for weeks, and for some, one day is enough to organize everything and start writing, it’s up to you to evaluate.

In the next few steps, you will learn how to deal with the pressure and the approaching deadline.

1. Composition

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The essay must have a three-part composition. Each compositional part must begin with an indented line. It is not allowed to create several compositional parts or to form several fragments within one compositional part. Compositional parts must be visually clear and, obligatorily, content-wise connected, thus achieving the integrity of the text.

Thus, the structure of the essay should consist of three parts – introduction, main part, and conclusion. It is clear to you that in the introductory part the topic is determined, a certain thesis is presented, and the context is shaped, while in the main part the topic is elaborated, critically explained, and supported by arguments. In conclusion, we confirm the set theses and give a brief summary of the paper.

2. Type of writing

To begin with, consider what type of task it is, whether it is writing a text of an interpretive or debatable nature. If it is an interpretive task, it is a work that needs to be analyzed. In the discussion essay, we look at various theses and several sources of data. There is no one exact agreement here, but one must express one’s opinion based on past experience.

3. Writing plan

Before you start writing, make a draft that will also serve as a reminder to enter all the important information and facts. Also, watch out for grammatical and spelling mistakes, and keep sentences clear and precise. In the beginning, it is always important to write a good draft, which later always becomes more beautiful when the elaboration has fully taken its shape.

4. Look for more sources

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Your work will be better and more unique if you use more sources of information, which is certainly desirable. In case you cite someone’s quote, it is important that it is in quotation marks and that the author and the literature used are named in parentheses or at the end of the paper.

5. Pay attention to the details

After you have written a conclusion, you may think that you have finished your essay, but that is still not true. Before the work is finished, you must pay attention to all the details.

Check the schedule of your paragraphs. Make sure that the strongest arguments are in the first and last paragraph in the body, while the others come in the middle. Don’t be lazy, so it’s hard for you to check and read what you wrote in detail in the end. Keep in mind that essays and other papers should always be written in the present tense.

6. Ease of writing

For people who do not have special education in writing, there is a bias to write more complex sentences, the better. However, that is not true. Redundant words and complex structures only make your work less readable. Let the work be rich in vocabulary and professional and formal expressions, but the sentences must be understandable.

7. Time is running out, and the idea of writing does not arise

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Sometimes it happens that you simply do not have the inspiration to write or you have many other obligations so you do not arrive. Don’t worry, and in that case, there is a solution. Today, there are many platforms that offer the services of writing various essays and papers. Platform experts know all about paper requirements and citation styles, so you should no longer have to worry about formal aspects. Of course, the price will vary depending on the complexity of the topic and the length of the essay, but we think that is not a problem when you are pressed by the deadline, right? If you are not sure whether to try it or not, studybay will assure you there is no mistake with this idea.

People usually wait until the last minute so they demand a big job in a short amount of time. Unrealistic demands require complete work commitment because then the working hours of the person writing it turns into both day and night working hours, all because the person did not do their duties on time. If you are one of these people, we just want to show you that you are not worried but that the solution we have already presented to you exists.

If you opt for this option, have someone else write your paper, keep in mind that prices can vary greatly. The most expensive does not necessarily have to be the best, but it is quite certain that it is the cheapest of questionable literary quality. You should choose a website with a separate editing team to ensure flawless editing. Your work should be original and unique in its content, so it is definitely advisable to check it out in one of the many plagiarism recognition programs.

Final Thoughts

As you see, it is not that difficult to write an article. All you have to do is to start with planning on time. But even if not, do not worry, you won’t be the first one or last one who succumbed to the trend of seeking a writing service. Still, you have to approach it carefully, it is always good to hear a recommendation from someone who already asked for this service. If you are searching on the Internet, it is recommendable to read reviews if any. Old users of the service will tell the truth.