What is Statistically the Best Sport to Bet on?

There are plenty of factors you need to consider when gambling. There are also plenty of strategies you need to know, learn and employ if you want to be one of the greatest gamblers out there.

Your first step needs to be a choice between brick-and-mortar casinos or online counterparts. After that, you are all set for greatness. Learn some strategies, learn the games and you are all good. But is that so?! Well, not exactly. After all, choosing the type of casino you like, you need to choose the game or, in this case, the sport you want to bet on. Gamblers are not just people who like casino games, gamblers are also people who bet on sports.

Today we are talking about the latter and we will tell you what sport is the best to bet on as well as how to find it. Sports betting is pretty straightforward. You got two teams heading against each other and you need to make the right bet on the right team. There are tactics and systems you can employ to increase your odds, but before that, you need to choose the right sport. That will increase your chances when betting and you will come on top more than you know.

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Now, let’s get back to the topic of sports betting and what are the best ones, or which is the best one you need to start betting on immediately. Most of you would jump up and say that NFL or college football is probably the best sport to bet on. It’s popular, it’s easy, and it’s a no-brainer. Well, not that much. When all statistics and experiments are done NFL just isn’t a sport you should focus on. The reasons for this are plenty, but one of the most important ones, as far as statistics and profitability go, is that you are playing NFL or college football just during the weekends. You got 5 days in a week that you are not utilizing at all meaning you could be earning significantly more than you are.

When it comes to betting, profit and everything else tied to that, consistency and betting often are really important especially if you are looking to increase your odds, chances and your overall bank at the end of each day. The other side to this is the sport that has the most games during the week. That sport is Baseball and you all may think that we are aiming toward it but you would be wrong. Baseball is a nice sport to bet on and it usually has a lot of favourites and a lot of underdogs. Both are great for betting and depending on your betting and playing style you may hit several underdogs now and there to hit your daily, weekly or monthly quota, but you would either have to be a prophet or very lucky. When it comes to favourites, those are your sure thing and they can make you increase your bank but you would have to hit a lot of those and hit them often. Now even now and then the favourites manage to lose you could fall short at any given time so this drastically reduces your chances of meeting your set quota for a time frame of your choosing.

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Now that we have spoken about those that look appealing but aren’t, let us tell you about a sport that not many people bet on but is highly profitable.

Hockey is the sport that you need and that you should focus on. All of us saw a game or two of the NHL and most of us understand the sport. It is not that difficult to digest and it has some great bets you can utilize to your benefit.

One of those bets is over/under that stay very consistent on what they are. They are either 5.5 or 6 with a very rare occasion where you will see a 4.5 or a 7 bet. Depending on which teams are playing and which ones have advantages to score more or score less you can take advantage of those bets pretty easily.

Money lines bet is something you should focus on as well. The money lines bet rarely go past -200 or -220, unlike baseball where you may usually get two lopsided teams and the money line will usually be -500. This is where you need to have a good understanding of value because that is the most important thing if you are a sport better. Everyone can make a -500 bet on a team for an entire season and win more than they lose but understanding their money and return on the investment is not going to be that good meaning they will be bleeding money in the long run.

NHL is attractive because it offers a lot of value that you need and in NHL there are a lot of misplaced teams and teams that have pretty even odds. This is something you can use, and manipulate even in certain ways to profit more than you may lose.

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Those of you that been paying attention so far might argue that the MLB has a lot more games than NHL and that is true. The fact stands that NHL is the most profitable solely because you can exploit those over/under games and make a lot more money, i.e. increase the value you are getting, than in MLB.

So, after all, what do you guys think? Statistically speaking and looking at the value bets for your money, the NHL is the sport to go to. Some of you might not like it and might not understand it but after you read this, we sure hope you will give this a go, or even try to understand it and see if there is some value. I know I have made some successful bets after this research, and I am going to keep playing. In a few days or weeks, I will see if this was beginners’ luck or if is there something to this method and will try to get back to you.

The final words here would be, stay safe and smart, be a reasonable gambler and never bet more than you have and can afford to lose. This is the way to have fun and stay out of trouble. Best of luck to you all.